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    "The Bee" - New Planars by DIY headphone producer Nectar Sound

    Do you have an uncompensated graph? Or one that compares to HD650?
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    The Sennheiser HD580 Impressions Thread

    Are you using new pads on both?
  3. Beyerdynamic T1.1 with detachable cable

    Selling Beyerdynamic T1 gen 1 in an overall great condition. Everything except the headband is in excellent condition. Has been kept in a pet-, child-, smoke-, cologne-, perfume-free home. Comes with the original case. The cable mod was performed by Demevalos...
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    Comment by 'Tacanacy' on listing 'ZMF Eikon LDT Rusted Zebrawood'

    Takk, og god 17. mai til deg også!
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    E-MU Wooden Series Headphones

    They told me that they are the regular teak cups.
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    E-MU Wooden Series Headphones

    I came across someone who has an E-MU Teak with a dark finish that they bought directly from E-MU in December. Has anyone else bought one recently that has the same dark finish? If this is the finish E-MU is using now, I'll buy right away.
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    Launching the HD 6XX Dekoni Cablez! 🚀

    I'd love to choose 2m and 4-pin XLR in the future.
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    Sennheiser HE-60 ''The Legendary Baby"

    I was thinking of selling my SRM-252S with my SR-003 Mk II, but I would then have nothing else to test HE60 on when I buy them, and if they arrive defective, I can't complain months later when I buy what I really want to use HE60 with. I'm considering SPL Performer s800 as my power amp (not...
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    Bucktown Cables Impressions

    Unless you like extremely heavy headphone cables, then I don't recommend cables from Bucktown Cables.
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    Bucktown Cables Impressions

    How does the Bucktown cable compare to the RAD-0 cable? Both cost the same and look similar.
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    Something to relax with...

    I own LCD-2C and Verum 1, and I recommend the latter over the former. Verum 1 have better vocal timbre, much better timbre for acoustic/natural instruments, clearer midrange, wider soundstage, and better dynamics (volume contrasts.) Other than that, they sound the same. Neither are warm, they...
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    Monoprice Monolith Liquid Platinum - By Alex Cavalli

    It costs $627.42 right now at Monoprice:
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    Verum Audio - Exciting high performance DIY planar

    My first unit had channel imbalance that stopped occurring for four days. The loudness could vary a lot each time I put the headphones on.