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    Going fully Wireless IEMs. Too soon? Or are we there yet?

    Without reading this entire thread... I wonder about updates to the experiences with V Moda's Bassfit (or Forza Metallo). I want the best with: -- wear like a necklace (more room for battery + less likely to lose / get knocked off) -- good (dangling) microphone -- a top audio codec (seems no...
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    Trying to figure out what audio sample rate the Beats X support. Android shows AAC codec is selected... But only 44.1khz... Any idea?
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    Best Bluetooth IEMs w/ battery life as #1 priority?

    Thanks! Based on looking at the Amazon reviews of your recommendation.... I'm going to tenuously add another requirement: no significant amount of Amazon reviews should claim very short product lifespan.
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    Looking for an IEM like the im-50

    I found some replacement cables from lunashop, but they don't have that memory wire that shapes around the ear... Can that be bought independently?   The replacement cable may work - though one of the pins inside of the driver which sticks up into the cable is broken - but I could try...
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    Reverse engineering IEMs and design topics

    I love this kind of discussion! Thanks you two!   Earfonia, I also did not like the low end nobles at all. I assume they use similar design and parts as the higher-end nobles, but I found the Kaiser 10 to be awesome!    I'm going to find a book or something on armatures and completing...
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    Reverse engineering IEMs and design topics

    I recently demoed some really high-end IEMs (top of the line Ultimate Ears, Noble, and Aurisonics) and they raised a lot of questions in my head. Here are some of those questions:   1) What parts to they use? That is, do different manufacturers use the same drivers and whatnot? If so, I'd like...
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    Recommendation for Better fitting ATH IM50s

    I have the feeling if I'm going to spend over $200 on IEMs, then I might as well go for the aurisonics.
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