I'm a Musician who loves to stay in my own world with out any disturbance
Playing guitar , writing songs , reading poems, photography , , Collecting Audio Gear
Dreaming... ( most of the time ... )
Going up hill side and taking photographs
staring at sea
Playing Games
OC'ing Pc relative components
Headphone Inventory
Westone 4
Etymotic ER4
Sennheiser IE8
UE triple-fi
Grado Sr60i
shure 315
sennheiser IE80
shure 535
Sennheiser HD650
Sennheiser HD 25-11
Klipsch x10i
Klipsch image s4
Audio technica -M35
Klipsch M40
Sony EX1000
Sennheiser IE800 [ coming soon]
Headphone Amp Inventory
Hippo crycry , Ibasso D-Zero , Practical devices XM6 , Sony PH1
Source Inventory
Ipod classic 160GB , ipod shuffle 2GB 2gen , Sandisck sansa Clip +
Cable Inventory
Fiio LOD cable.. Silver galaxy cable for the IE80
Other Audio Equipment
Klipsch RF-7 II Home Theater System.

Sony SHR 320F
Music Preferences
post - experimental music
Doom Metal ,
shoe-gaze ,
Post-rock ,
Depressive Black Metal ,
Post - Dubstep ,
Trance ,
Celtic Tremolo , Alienware M18xr2 , Steel series sensei , Olympus OM-D ( soon to be mine)
A musician and a photographer / sales Executive at a Tech enthusiast store


IEM's - Etymotic ER4Ps, Westone 4, Sennheiser IE80 (with ISO-tape mode),Sony EX1000, Shure 535, Shure 315, Monster turbine pro copper, Ultimate Ears TF10, Sennheiser IE8 ( lost it ), Vsonic Gr07, Klipsch S4 ( never loved it ),Klipsch x10i.
Headphones - Sennheiser HD25-ii ,Sennheiser HD600 , Sennheiser HD800s , Sennheiser HD700