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    Best portable Android based player with 5.2ghz AC wifi?

    Yep looks like that model fits the bill, how is the battery life, wifi connection and sound on it? Can it use any app from the Google play app store?
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    Best portable Android based player with 5.2ghz AC wifi?

    Sadly it seems at some point LG may be leaving the phone market, I've been using their phones for a long time now as my portable music player. As an aside I have a DLNA home server pushing my lossless audio so I use my phone and Foobar Android music player to access all that music in my home...
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    Most reliable Blue tooth headphone for jogging

    TBI powersport 5.0 - went in and out on blue tooth Blackweb BWD - These stopped holding a charge and had issues connecting to the charger Thanks for the recommendations
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    Best wifi + DLNA enabled DAP for under $500

    While slighltly out of my Price range the FIIO X7 also seems to meet my needs. What are the opinions of using this as a DLNA player? Any wifi stability issues? Do all EQ settings still apply when using DLNA? Any quality limitations?   Also which amp modules gives a natural warm analog sound...
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    FiiO X7 | DXD | DSD | 384K/64B | ESS9018+ Android | WiFi | Bluetooth | 4 AMP modules | Balanced Out |

    So what amp module would I use if I prefer a warm analog sound? I'm looking at DAPs again after using windows tablets and want a wifi enabled DLNA DAP and the amp modules are pretty interesting.   How is the wifi stability and DLNA playback? Any issues?
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    Best wifi + DLNA enabled DAP for under $500

    Looks like this may be harder than I thought the Pioneer seems to have wifi issues and build quality issues and is discontinued, Same with the Onkyo DP-X1   Is there a player that meets my needs that isn;t full of issues?
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    Any high end player with Wifi and DLNA?

    I have a ton of lossless audio on my home server and use DLNA to serve this lossless audio around my house and to various devices etc.I'm currently using an 8 inch win 8.1 tablet as my home portable music player, I can install various programs on it to receive the DLNA audio it gets around 9 hrs...
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    Wrong forum, mods please delete

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    EXOPC- Win7 tablet as portable source

    Just to follow up I have been using my EXOPC as my primary audio source for several months now and it works and sound amazing. I'm using AIMP2 as the player which sounds better runs better than foobar and is compatible with winamp plugins, I'm using the bass exciter winamp plug in with great...
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    ++ FULL-SIZE HEADPHONE RECOMMENDATIONS THREAD++ CLOSED: Please post a thread in the Introductions, Help and Advice forum

    Ok so here is my Story   Been using IEM's for years and my ears are just getting fatigued with having an IEM in them all the time also tired of constantly adjusting them in my ear. I switched to IEMS because full size cans were also uncomfortable pressing to much on my ears etc. but I think...
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    The Zune is dead!

    Just the way the market is going, with Win7 phones accessing the zune marketplace there probably was no reason to keep putting out Audio only players. I've moved onto a win7 tablet for my portable audio needs
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    EXOPC- Win7 tablet as portable source

      Quote: Better battery life would be awesome but somehow this device exactly fits my needs even though I was not expecting it. The key here is with Ipads, android devices etc you can't map a drive to a Windows PC and play back any media type. Some programs allows you to stream your...
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    EXOPC- Win7 tablet as portable source

    Not totally big pockets as I bought it to replace my old netbook that sounded horrible and was seriously clunky and never did what I needed a win7 tablet to do. I've been waiting along time for a good usable windows tablet this year we finally got one. The EXOPC just so happened to sound great...
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    EXOPC- Win7 tablet as portable source

    So I have been pretty happy with my SFLO:2 for the last year as a side note I have been looking for a good Win7 tablet for pretty much the last 5 years. Little did I think these paths would cross.   As you know win7 tablets have been slow to come out, people have harped that Win7 cannot be...
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