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    *sold* WTS: Audio-Technica ATH-AD2000

    Free bump - Surprised this hasn't sold. Great price for an AD2K that includes the box and extra unused pads.
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    WTB: HiFiMAN RE0

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    Super rare Sony MDR-F1 with biocellulose drivers

    Very cool stuff, good luck with the sale.
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    JVC HA-SZ2000's for sale *BROKEN* head band

    These are some of the most disgusting headphones I have ever seen.
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    WTB - E-MU Teak Earcups

    Looking specifically for teak wood ear cups only. Thank you.
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    Do they look like this?
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    SOLD: Sony NW-ZX2 DAP (Japanese version) - Free shipping/PP

    I apologize for the confusion, but the item has been sold today. Thread should be removed shortly, thanks for the correction.
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    SOLD: Sony NW-ZX2 DAP (Japanese version) - Free shipping/PP

    Thank you @MadDane it's my pleasure!
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    [SOLD] Custom Cans Woven Litz Balanced Cable: HiFiMAN SMC (screw-on), 10 feet

    Photos: Context: Ultra-low capacitance, 84 strand woven litz copper cable wrapped in green paracord. Very supple and easy to handle, little to no memory. Hand-braided in the UK, great ergonomics. Terminated in Neutrik XLR4. Condition: Good condition overall. While...
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    SOLD: Sony NW-ZX2 DAP (Japanese version) - Free shipping/PP

    SOLD Photos: Context: Sony's flagship DAP from 2015. This is the Japanese edition, so no volume cap like in NA/EU versions. Runs Android, supports LDAC and Spotify/Tidal offline with 128 GB of onboard storage + a microSD slot and has some practical play/pause/track...
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    SOLD: PRICE DROP - M1060C - Open-Back Modded

    Please only bump every 3 days as per the forum rules