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    Reply to review by 'Surgut2006' on item 'Meze 99 series 7N OCC silver plated cable'

    Cool , very cool!!! Tell me , do the letters OFC and OCC mean anything to you? Or is there no difference for you?
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    Audio Technica the master of WOOD

    у меня так же есть w100 :-)
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    Audio Technica the master of WOOD

    My collection ATH-W ->
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    Audio Technica the master of WOOD

    ATH-W2002 【Main Specifications】 Model: Sealed dynamic type Driver: φ53mm, neodymium magnet, super high class OFC8N bobbin winding voice coil, permendur magnetic circuit Housing: Hokkaido Asada cherry heartwood, Echizen lacquer finish Output sound pressure level: 102dB / mW Playback frequency...
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    Chord Hugo

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    Chord Hugo

    . Do you have good eyesight? Do you believe your eyes? You saw my photos. The last one. There is a power bank, it is connected by a USB cable with Hugo. Can you see it? Do you see the LED lit in Hugo? Do you know what this means? I'm sorry for you .. you can't even believe your eyes
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    Chord Hugo

    Here you are wrong.
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    Chord Hugo

    I read it, read a lot. Everyone knows that the Hugo has 18650 shielded batteries. So replacing something with 3000+ and connectors for quick replacement will not be a problem. But so far, and their own normally work, postponed for "later". Further on stationary power supply and recharging, the...
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    Radsone EarStudio ES100

    Will the ES100 work as a dac when connected to the iPhone via cable?
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    Acoustic Research M20 Coming soon

    Good day. I still do not understand, can the AR-M20 transmit music via BT? If so what codecs can? Aptx / AptxHD or some other?
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    The Astell & Kern AK120

    Could you please indicate the physical dimensions of the battery.
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    Your Current Headphone Collection

    Collection (from the Latin collectio - collection, collection) - a systematic collection of objects, united by a specific feature, having internal integrity and belonging to a specific owner - a private person, organization, the state. And I showed almost a full collection of thematic 1...
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    Review of Audio Technica ATH-CKR9 & ATH-CKR10

    Вот тут Fixed with glue. Removed with a little effort. Easy to install back.