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    Kaku finally vindicates UFO believers

      Quote: Whoops.    *plays the newbie card*
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    Funny comments from the forums.

      Quote:     I'd agree if it didn't seem so horribly staged.  
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    Why do we use lossless?

    "Just in case lossless" as it was elaborated upon so far sounds more like "just in case earthquake safe*" and not "just in case lifeboats". That's how I perceive it at any rate.     *Talking about Central Europe.
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    Shaving, gents

    I simply use an electrical razor whose brand I don't even know. It works very nicely though, doesn't hurt a bit and shortens the hair reasonably. I tried "proper shaving" with gel, blades and aftershave, but I found the result not worth the effort and itching.
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    Quote:   What about sword collections? Pole weapon collections? Armor collections?      Daggers need some love too.
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    Can't see a single pic hosted on assets.head-fi

    Now it works?!  That was pretty fast. *applause to whoever is responsible*
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    Can't see a single pic hosted on assets.head-fi

    Well, that's the problem. I can see pictures I just uploaded though, but even that stops at some point, I can't see my avatar anymore now despite that I uploaded it only a few minutes ago.     I'm at home so I don't think my office/school admin blocked it, and I don't think it's the...
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    Reconsider Bieber

    I am certainly not with you. *insert expletive to your liking here*   I am however with Erik, regarding the general mindset. Dvořák's other symphonies need a little love too though... that guy's just great. Now I know what I'm gonna listen to~
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    Leaving portable hifi - it's too silly

    Quote: I can't imagine myself listening to portable sources other than on summer camps or comparable occasions. I enjoy listening to nature and chatter in the tram way too much. Yet still, I want that to sound good, so I'm gonna get some reasonably good gear anyway. Nothing like what an...
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    Flawless albums

    Kaizers Orchestra - Ompa Til du Dør   Sigur Rós - Takk   Terry Scott Taylor - Imaginarium   The Editors - An End Has A Start   Einstürzende Neubauten - Silence Is Sexy   Witthüser & Westrupp - Bauer Plath   Tangerine Dream - Exit   Bolt Thrower - Those Once Loyal
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    Ever get the feeling you were born in the wrong era/country?

    Music-wise I couldn't have been born better. At no other place at no other time would I have access to so much diverse music at once. I can listen to Aphex Twin and to Ancient Greek music, I can listen to Central Asian throat singing and Norwegian Hardingfjele. It's absolutely perfect.
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    What Are You Listening To Right Now? -New thread, new rules. Please read them.

    Atrium Musicae de Madrid - 1er Hymne Delphique à Apollon (c. 138 av. J.C.)