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    3-meter / 10-foot IEM Cable

    Hello All, I finally got my hands on some Westone W40's, and I'm enjoying them. These are hardly an obscure set of 'phones, but here's a link anyway. My usage of these is consists of plugging them into a (desktop) computer sitting on the floor under my desk, and with me standing at my desk...
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    UPDATE! CAPACITY RAISE! - SF meet Saturday Nov. 7th - We have a venue and date! It's really happening! CAPACITY RAISE!! WE CAN TAKE 20 MORE PEOPLE!

    I'd like to attend. :)   I went to the meet this summer and it was worth the trip. :)   Sorry, I don't have space we can use. :(   I'm located in San Jose but can meet anywhere in the Bay Area with advance notice. :)   -Bryan
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    Review by 'suburbanite' on item 'Sony Hybrid Black In-Ear Headphones - XBA-H1'

    DESIGN Large, bulky, arguably overbuilt ear elements Perfect for those with larger hands as the ear elements are easy to not only handle but also to remove from one's ears Large ear elements may be problematic for those with smaller ears- may excessively contact outer ears Cable does have...
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    :sunrise: Official 2015 SF Head-Fi Meet Impressions Thread

    So glad I went!   This year was my first meet attendance as last year it just..... didn't really occur to me to attend. Not sure why.   This year I got to the meet late but there was still a lot to see and hear.   For the first time, I got to try out some electrostats which was cool...
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    :sunrise: Official 2015 SF Head-Fi Meet, July 18, 2015, Doubletree San Francisco Airport

    Also, what is the day and date of this thing?????   Saturday, July 18 2015 doesn't exist.
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    :sunrise: Official 2015 SF Head-Fi Meet, July 18, 2015, Doubletree San Francisco Airport

    I just now learned of this and am contemplating attending.   The problem is my gear- the only stuff I could really share would be my Grado SR225's and my Sennheiser HD 25-1 ii's, both which are not the most unique gear.   Would anyone even want to listen to either?   -S
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    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

      I will be using them with my HT Omega eClaro sound card which I understand has a solid state amplifier Denon TX-NR509 stereo receiver which is.... a mystery box because I don't know what its headphone-out resources are, but it powers my rather power-hungry Grado SR 225i's well enough  ...
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    Sennheiser HD650 & Massdrop HD6XX Impressions Thread

    I just listened to the 650s at my local Best Buy.   I listened to some heavy metal out of my Nexus 5 smartphone and was surprised by a couple of things: I got pretty good volume and soundstage I got lots of bass   This left me wondering: how much more bass am I gonna get out of these...
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    Replacement Velour Pads for HD 25-1 ii

    I would like to mildly customize my HD 25-1 ii's.   My search on this site didn't bring up anything helpful.   At least, nothing that I recognized as such.   I'm looking for the following:   Velour headband pads Velour ear pads   Something other than black would be good.   My...
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    what a direct upgrade from Sennheiser HD 558 would be

        I used the HD 600's out of my PC soundcard, an HT Omega eClaro, as well as out of my Sony Walkman Z1060 which is an Android device.   They sounded a bit better through my eClaro but they sounded fine through my Walkman.   This is consistent with the experience of others which is...
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    ER4P > HF5? Are you sure?

      I can't directly compare them.    I use my HF5's with my Nexus 5 on Caltrain and my MK5's with my desktop computer at work, so my usage of the two is really different.   My immediate impression of the MK5's when listening to rock n' roll, though, is that the bass guitar and background...
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    ER4P > HF5? Are you sure?

    I concur: good fit = good sound... And if one eartip doesn't fit, there's no shortage of an alternatives
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    HF5's with silicone Westone Star Tips!