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    Checking out this $75.00 SET kit on the 'bay!

    Quote:     you should start your own thread for this. do you have a link for the auction?
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    SAN DIEGO Meet, April 23

      If anyone wants to bring extra power cables, i have a nice collection of stock cables to compare with.   Also do people wander about with their own sources? I am unbalanced so all my gear is rca input, with TRS out.
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    The Stax thread (New)

    i have looked in this thread, and elsewhere for this:   What is the diameter of the early Stax transducers?   ta
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    Modding the Kanen km-880 woodie

    Does anyone know the inner machined diameter of the cup? And how deep the cup is from that point?
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    A thread for my sex amp

    Nice job on the amp. i too thought of buying it. About the tape, i think you need to apply it vertically though. Two horizontal strips just are not enough, you will not get enough shielding. This is little known fact, and it works with the fake tape too. I saved a boatload of cash on it, now...
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    eXStatA Build Thread II

    Gilency,   Are the wiring diagrams no longer on the Cavalli Audio website? Where in SoCal are you?
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    EHHA Rev A - Interest Thread

    number three is running no issues at all, the 50VA transformer is not sweating. The regs are hot though.   i can go over the numbers and SQ later, i am too tired and have a headache to go on much longer and i have to move to my stereo as my minidisc player is not the final word in sources...
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    EHHA Rev A - Interest Thread

    i went with the 50VA version
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    EHHA Rev A - Interest Thread

    Powered up the boards tonite. As expected the 7v antek gave 7.5V at TP3, but i still got 6.3V with tubes installed. Without the amp connected i got +/- 30.1V at the power supply. Will get more done tomorrow
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    EHHA Rev A - Interest Thread

    Here is where i am:   getting there   And with sockets
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