Denver CO
I live in Denver so I love the Broncos....I also have the most amazing wife.....true story!
Headphone Inventory
Past..... Audeze isine 10 & 20, LCD-2C, LCD-3, LCD4, LCDX, Focal Elear, Focal Stellia, Focal Utopia, Ultrasone Edition 8, Ultrasone Signature DJ, ZMF Vibro MK 2, ZMF Blackwood, ZMF Ori, ZMF Auteur, Hfiman he1000se, Campfire Audio Atlas, Campfire Audio Vega, Noble Tux 5, Rhapsodio Eden SP, Beyerdynamic AKT5P, T70 250 ohm, Fostex TH500RP, Sennheiser HD800, Audio Technica ATH-a2000x, Audio Technica AWAS, Sony MDR7520, Meze 99 Classics, Klipsch hp3, Kennerton Odin MK2, Kennerton Thridi, Kennerton Wodan, Kennerton Thekk, Kennerton Gjallarhorn JM, Rosson Rad-0, Hyland Audio Saturn One
Headphone Amp Inventory
Past..... Little Dot Mk 2, Woo Audio WA7tp, Ampsandsound SE84 Special Edition, Wells Audio Milo, Pathos Aurium, Ifi Pro ICAN, Trafomatic Head 2, Auris Nirvana, Rogue RH-5
Source Inventory
Past..... Yulong DA9, M2Tech Young MK2 with Power Supply, Elac DDP-2, Avid Ingenium, Avid Pellar
Cable Inventory
Audio Envy interconnects, Blackcat speaker cables
Power-Related Components
PS Audio Dectet
Music Preferences
Modern Rock....Alternative
HVAC Company Owner


Headphones.......Kennerton Rognir Bubinga, ZMF Verite Open LTD Camphor Burl, Snorry NM-1 Rosewood, OLLO Audio S4R v1.1, B&O H6 Mk 2, TFZ Live 1, TFZ Live 3
Amps......PrimaLuna EVO 300 Integrated, Wells Audio Dragon Level II
DAC......Rockna Wavelight....Streamer .....Lumin U1 Mini.....Portable...LG V60, FIIO BTR5, iFi Hip Dac
Turntable......VPI Prime (gimbal tonearm) with Soundsmith Zephyr MIMC Star ES...Phono Stage.......Gold Note PH-10 and PSU-10
Speakers....Lawrence Audio Violin SE, Naim Muso 2, Elac Discovery Z3, Mass Fidelity Core with Sub