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    Westone W80

    which other universal iem would you prefer in the similar price range?
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    Westone W80

    really? =(, would you know how it would compare to se530 or triple fi? i personally like triple fi sound signature more than shure. and never auditioned westone's before, how does it compare to triple fi?
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    Westone W80

    ok... I have been away from this hobby since I have gotten my shure se530 & triple-fi years ago. and today, for some reason i was cleaning my spam mail box and saw 25% sale @ earphonesolution ! oh jeez, and then saw this w80 for like 1120usd or so... I couldn't resist and ordered it, i am...
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Sound Quality

    Just got Korean note4 bronze gold(Exynos oh yes!) Initial impression is good, I will be comparing it with iphone 6 plus tomorrow ;)
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    Best android music player app?

    xingplayer is my favorite although free version has ads....
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    LG G2 with native 24/192 music playback

    Just bought my G2 in black (korea), and yes it has micro SD slot =) I am yet to compare the quality of sound with other players.
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    Upgrade from Shure se215 to Starkey HF-2?

    have you looked at cosmic ears? or heir audio 1964 v3? of course they would require shipping and time in between but i think its worth the wait to get the customs you want. se535 is pretty expensive , and you might be able to find nice custom for that much price
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    The New iRiver/Astell & Kern AK100: A High-End DAP

    one of the developer mentions he likes flat SQ headphones and that player fits "him" well with Dt1350 , senn hd25-1 II, shure srh840, se425
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    The New iRiver/Astell & Kern AK100: A High-End DAP

    just checked out some info from   neat looking curious how it will perform against some of the hifi players out now
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    Custom IEM Review: Hidition NT-6 Pro – Clear & Precise Fun

    Quote: Yes i will be visiting one of the retailer this Sunday to hear the demo version of nt-6 / pro hopefully custom's SQ blows away my tf10 , shure530
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    What are the worst comparisons you've ever heard?

    my coworker loves his bose in ear because it is very ez to put on and off and sounds like his old dad's fm stereo radio I told him to try out my shure530 and tf10 , and he hated them both because the hassle to put on and how they isolate too much and how they sound too bright and thin compared...