Head Gear Reviews by SteveK27
  1. GS Audio SE12

    3.50 star(s)
    Tldr: A V-shaped iem with spectacular clarity and resolution with no details to reserve. The SE12 is the quintessential bass-centric iem, tuned in favor of bassheads at the sacrifice of mids. This is by the far the punchiest bass I've heard with a high degree of transient attack. Its Achilles heel lies in the technical imagery presentation, where each note lacks space and struggles to distinguish one from another. If you are a natural-born basshead, the SE12 do live up by your alley. If you like "clear" sounding iem or any variant of the Harman...
  2. Moondrop Variations

    5.00 star(s)
    Tldr: A musical sounding, clean and lean presentation with emphasis in upper-mid and sub-bass. Very good imaging that is comparable to sub-one-thousand dollar iem. One of the more genre specific iems i've listened to. Difficult to call it "balanced" by the virtue of tuning, but a thoughtful tuning catered to today's contemporary audience encompassed by electronic and synthesized instruments utilized in contemporary chart-hitting genres. If you've enjoyed the Blessing 2: Dusk, this is a clear upgrade that keeps the best qualities of the Dusk while...