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    Fostex TH900 MkII

    Another white… Best regards Sisco
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    Comment by 'stersa' on listing 'HIFIMAN HE6SE V1 (1 Month Old)**Super REDUCED Price**'

    SUPER REDUCED PRICE...499Euros Net Best regards Sisco
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    Show us your Head-Fi station at it's current state. No old pictures please...

    It was a limited edition of 200 units worldwide..
  4. 7Hz Timeless 4.4mm Balanced

    One of the best Planars .Musical and engaging sound. tips and metallic case unused. PRICE..139€ net to me best regards Sisco

    Bought this february 22 directly to Monoprice Europe(Official invoice) Barely use.Powerful and clean amplification PRICE..189€ Net best Regards Sisco
  6. HIFIMAN HE6SE V1 (1 Month Old)**Super REDUCED Price**

    It is the revision of the acclaimed HE6 without SE (Second Edition) that so much literature has been written. I had them too. Hard to find V1in Europe. Bought this August directly from Hifiman. FIRST OWNER. Much better quality of materials and much more comfortable than the V2 Adorama... which...
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    Comment by 'stersa' on listing 'MEZE ADVAR'

    WEEKEND SPECIAL PRICE.........///// Best Regards Sisco

    In Vey Good Condition. First Owner. Bough -June 22(Invoice) Original cable and Tips (UNUSED) PRICE NET..550€ Best Regards Sisco
  9. Iems LETSHOUER S12 with 4.4mm balanced cable

    one of the best Planars Iems for price 4.4 mm balanced cable tips without use PRICE 115€ net+shipping best regards Sisco