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    Apple AirPods Pro - Impressions

    I know that people have been using the dekoni tips for a similar foam tip feel. I just ordered the Spinfits to see if I can replicate a better seal (akin to the Shure silicone tips).
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    Next Gen Consoles Anyone?

    Yeah same. In the past I've always hopped on day 1 but have found that the consoles just sit there with minimal use until around a year later when the library improves. I've missed the pre-order train this year anyways so it'll be around a year before I can get my hand on a console anyways
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    Are you a console or PC gamer?

    I'm usually a PC gamer but I've found myself console gaming more this year. Been working from home for the last 6 months so subconsciously been trying to avoid spending time at my desk when I'm done with work.
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    V-MODA M-200: Official Impressions & Reviews Thread

    Must say, an ANC version of the V-Moda cans would be a very interesting proposition...
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    Sony WH-1000XM4 discussion and reviews

    I've had a very difference with the Sony XM line as well. I find them comfortable to the point where I can keep them on for entire overnight flights or throughout an entire work day. Have had no issues with them from a comfort perspective. Haven't had any issues with mechanical noise either...
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    hd25-1 impressions thread

    I think it is quite refreshing to be able to toss around and use a pair of headphones that way, especially as most other audio equipment has to be handled so delicately!
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    Apple AirPods Pro - Impressions

    I think that's right. I think for most people the difference between good quality BT and wired earphones / headphones would be imperceptible.
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    Based on everyone's comments it seems as though the only potential downside is the cost. Looking forward to 846s into wireless IEMs
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    Apple AirPods Pro - Impressions

    Have people had the chance to try third party tips with the AirPods Pro yet? I've been using the stock Apple tips but have found that the seal is not as tight as I'm used to with other IEMs I have used in the past (i.e. olive or silicone tips with the SE846) - I get the impression that I'm...
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    Sennheiser HD660S... Finally a successor for the HD650?

    Thanks for the responses. I guess it really does come down to personal preference and the qualities of each set of headphones are different and each headphone shines in their own way (as mentioned, like the HD600 and HD 650). I suppose it will also come down to what other gear you use alongside...
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    hd25-1 impressions thread

    As above, the HD 25 aluminum has the same leather pads as the original. The build of the aluminum is similar to that of the amperior, although I would say that the aluminum feel slightly more sturdy and robust in its build quality.
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    Dragonfly COBALT vs.............Discussions

    I completely agree that the Dragonfly has a convenience that puts it on another level. I've been using small DACs but it's difficult to beat the USB form factor and being able to pocket a DAC and easily plug and play with different devices. I use two different laptops at work and it's an...
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    Thanks! I'll take a look. I've always been hesitant with RGB keyboards (definitely fan of a more low-key, stealthy look) but it seems like the simple look is a dying breed nowadays in market full of gaming keyboards.
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    Apple AirPods Pro - Impressions

    I agree entirely but I guess it is easy to fall into a train of thought that the degradation of sound quality in adopting TWS is unacceptable when in reality it is acceptable for 90% of cases (most situations other than critical music listening). I was initially of the camp where I refused to...
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    Which company makes the best car speakers?

    I second Focal. I think spending that little extra to get a Focal system in your car is a worthwhile investment (I think turning to the second hand market is also an option). As an aside, I would also be sure to invest in some sound isolation depending on your car.