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    Good Headphones

    yeah theyre the same haha 
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    Hd 600 with e9 or...?

    Yeah I meant San Diego, and shucks 300 is just a little more than walkings distance 
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    Headphone accidents / mishaps.

    stepped on my HD600s o_o
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    Is it okay to wear headphones while driving?

    As far as I know it's illegal here in CA.  I have a problem with it if people are listening to music with it because it's just too distracting and you cant hear the outside world around you. Deaf people can get an unrestricted license because they rely on their eyes more but its not worth...
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    Mexican hot dog (and general hot dog discussion)

    I dont like hotdogs :(  I'm kinda picky I dont even eat fish
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    Beautiful War Photos

    Quote: gee i feel dumb totally didnt see that
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    Battlefield 3

    as of right now im getting this over cod im really disappointed so far in how mw3 looks
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    What to do?

         So there's this girl I've been liking for awhile now and we've been friends for awhile. I kinda really like this girl and I wanna be more than friends.  We text a lot and I saw her yesterday. After I saw her yesterday we were texting and she asked me if I liked her and I said yes (No...
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    New Member here.

    the ones that dont leak are closed phones, IEMs are in a different category
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    New Member here.

    this isnt the wrong thread since its an introduction but you probably shouldve made another thread in the hps section and asked.  first you have to decide if you wanna get fullsized phones or portable. also there are open, semi open, and closed type headphones - each offering different pluses...
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    PC Game Screenshoot Thread

    I'd love to play a game in that quality. Too bad my dad builds gaming cpus and wont make me one
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    How do I keep a hobby/interest?

    everything i do i can never stick to. i always end up moving on to something else. every video game i play i end up stopping to play another one. ex i played runescape for probably about 3yrs. then 2 years on a game named pawn. i think about 4months on wow. i used to have headphones as a hobby...
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    Saddest things to ever happen to nice cans?

    I stepped on my Hd600 in the dark last week. I thought I broke it but luckily no. Scared the living poop outta me