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    HD800 vs WA2

    Brief history time - I've moved through a few headphones in the last couple of decades, including the SR-225, HE-400, ATH-M50, HD595, and HD650.  I've also had a few amps, including the AMB M3, AMB B22, and the Speedball Crack.   I mostly listen to rock/metal.  The SR-225 are painfully bright...
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    TIP: Dont wear headphones when walking around room

    Man your 80's stayed on through that? My 225s fall off when I sneeze, they would be on the other side of the room if I fell down the stairs with them on. What kind of speakers do you guys have with your monster subs? No sub, but I have a pair of Adire Kit81 towers. They don't need a sub...
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    AUDIO PLATFORM: Vibration Free?

    How about suspending the platform from a set of very weak springs? You'd probably want them in tension (hanging). With a high enough mass, the platform's inertia would be too much for the weak springs to move, they'd just stretch and compress as the base moves with the floor/wall and the...
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    AUDIO PLATFORM: Vibration Free?

    ok call me stupid, but I have a few questions 1 - How will something like that get rid of vibrations when having it on, say, the floor wouldn't? Does the floor vibrate? If not then why not stick them on the floor, and if so then why wouldn't the stand vibrate and transmit it down the cables...
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    Dealing with sibilance

    any chance you have an EQ you can play with? it should be pretty easy to get rid of if you knock 6-8khz down a few dB
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    HD595 unamped?

    While the 595s do get loud without an amp due to their high sensitivity and low impedance, that doesn't necessarily mean they're "easy to drive". The problem with low impedance phones is for a given voltage, they require much more current from the source. If the source can't handle the extra...
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    [pic]Sennheiser HD595

    it's like a goldish, greyish, silver. Those pictures make it look kinda green, but it's much more grey in person edit: actually, the color in the last picture that he posted is very accurate, so just look at that one if you want to know
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    car speakers- they are all bright as the sun!

    Quote: Originally Posted by rhythmdevils I have a nice alpine deck and Im trying not to have to buy an amp (though the combined price of all the speakers ive gone through would get me a killer amp). In the back I have an infinity BassLink powered subwoofer, which isnt great, but for the...
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    SR225 or HD595

    heh, that's a tough decision I honestly use both of them about equally. I would consider the 595s more portable since they stay on your head very well and they also block out slightly more noise, so I guess those are the ones I would go with in your case.
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    Car amp Question

    man I'm really spamming this thread aren't I? anyway, I have to disagree with the US Acoustics comment. I have a 4085 (hasn't been installed in my car in 2 years) and it was by far the worst piece of electronic equipment I have ever owned. You can read my flattering comments on that amp on my...
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    Car amp Question

    Nice headunit and sub choices, I have the same headunit and I'm a pretty big fan of ID. I agree on fronts only being better, but unless he's got deadened doors, some nice front speakers and a sub, it's not always the best idea. Normally the improvement in the soundstage is outweighed by the...
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    Car amp Question

    yes For that price you'd probably want to look at profile, namely the clarius and california lines. They're cheap but they get the job done pretty reliably. If you want something a little higher on the todem pole you're going to need to spend a little more, a good rule of thumb is around...
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    SuperMacro-3 is available with promotion (2XBUF634 for free)

    Quote: Originally Posted by atx Yes, this was my original point. I miscalculated by $50. Losing $50 by a few days still sucks. I think most people have the options since whats attractive about the supermacro is all those switches. true, I'll just consider the extra $150 that I've...
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    SuperMacro-3 is available with promotion (2XBUF634 for free)

    Quote: Originally Posted by atx You got me there. Ok, so if Xin has a trade-in option for $50 from V1 to V3, that's a fair deal, but it's not what I'm seeing from his site. Maybe I'm not reading the fine print. "Upgrade module for SuperMacro-3 Standard $49.99" Unfortunately...