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    Christmas Giveaway: Lambskin headband for Grados (winner - will75 PM me!)

    Quote: Originally Posted by Rednamalas1 Me Me! It would go great with my future RS1 purchase soon same situation, add me in
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    Anyone using a Zerosurge or Brickwall surge protector in the UK ?

    Is anyone in the UK using a Zerosurge or Brickwall surge protector ? I've asked zerosurge and they say they can fit it for 240v, (though with the standard US plug type and receptacles,) if anyone in the UK is using one of these I'd be greatful for some feedback on your experiences. thanks...
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    Headphone Stand Giveaway

    as tidy as it gets
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    where to buy gold wire?

    Connecting a Vampire XLR on my headphones (the vampire XLR pins are directly plated gold over copper alloy), the sound to me is very rich and dark but lacks the portrail of high frequencies presented with silver plated copper (Xhadow XLR). I've not yet heard gold plated silver.
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    Is anyone building CKKIII's

    I'm a bit late in posting this but if you'd checked the "Pre-built! / One-offs" page on, thrice has 2 completed CKKIII currently ready for sale.
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    How do you tell if your headphones *NEED* an amp?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Cid How do you tell if your headphones *NEED* an amp? Try your headphones on several amps (+ sources) and then decide. I'd suggest you wait until the Scotland meet and decide based on your opinions after that ...
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    Beta22 vs CKKIII

    I think the impressions thread that cotdt linked to (pre-collapse) Quote: Originally Posted by cotdt I just posted some impressions between these two amps is probably this (If I'm wrong correct me)