Headphone Inventory
Grado RS-1 with flats
Chocolate Donut MkII
balanced and recabled HD650`s -- For Sale
rewired + balanced AKG K340's
balanced and recabled Proline 750's
balanced SR-225

heard briefly:
Koss ESP-950
Headphone Amp Inventory
balanced rockhopper beta22
apogee mini-dac
Xin supermini v3 (updated)
iRiver H120

Had: Supermacro3, Corda Move
Source Inventory
apogee mini-dac (usb)
EA modded UA-5 (usb soundcard)
iRiver H120
Sony ST-S211 (tuner)

Had: Aos Piccolo dac
Cable Inventory
diy UPOCC copper XLR ic's
diy UPOCC copper RCA - 1/8" ic
(using DIY Silver Interconnects design)

Grover S XLR-1/8"
RnB Audio ~ RCA-1/8", 1/4"-1/8" adaptor, mini-mini
Apuresound v. 2 ~ XLR-1/4" adaptor
n_maher ~ XLR-XLR
Stereovox XV
stock HD650 cable
HD650 Canare Ministarquad cable

Had: RnB mini-mini, UR6. RCA I'C, Ack! Analog Connect
Power-Related Components
2 x 12 ah, 12v sla batteries
capacitor bank (10 parallel mounted 100uF NX blackgates)
Padis fuse

Furman AC-210E power conditioner / surge protector
Other Audio Equipment
Technics SE-HD550 (and other parts)
Audio-Related Tweaks
-none in use-
Statmat CDi Blue
ferrite clamps
ERS tape
Quicksilver contact enhancer
and some others.
Music Preferences
all sorts - classical, jazz, trance, electronica, "world music", folk - fiddle, pipes, voice, clarsach, drums etc. , pop, rock etc. etc.