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Jul 30, 2017
Jan 8, 2006
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IT, Semi Pro Photographer

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100+ Head-Fier, Male

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Jul 30, 2017
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    IT, Semi Pro Photographer
    Amps and headphones.
    British sports cars, Jeeps and photography. Collecting all forms of weapons. Watches and electronic gizmos. Massive camera and lens collection.
    Headphone Inventory:
    AUDIO TECHNICA AT-A700 ( just go on trade, have to say, these are fantastic rock cans! )

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50s ( Great cans for $99.00 shipped. look at the reviews. )

    AKG K701 (A perfect match for Lil Dot amps. another must have can)

    AKG 501 (Audio GD-Compass or DMK. Great cans, but still like the K701's better.)

    AKG K26P (next to the bed with the Sandisk E280)

    Beyerdynamic DT48E 25 Ohm (Great detail, sound stage like you are standing next to the singer. A wonderful reference can. still like the 200 ohm version better tho)

    Beyerdynamic DT48E 200 Ohm (Fricking awesome detail! Incredible sound when connected to a good tube amp. To my ears a much better sound stage then the 25 Ohm version. But the 25 Ohm are a tad faster in presentation. So the 200 Ohms are more for relaxing to the music IMHO.)

    Beyerdynamic DT880 (250 Ohm) (stunning cans everyone should own)

    Denon D2000 (Luv these cans on the DMK amp)

    Grado SR80's ( Gave to my BIL)

    Grado SR125: ( Grado's SUCK, very uncomfortable! over priced, harsh sound, looks / feels like they are made by the Tonka toy company. I am to Fricking cheap to sell. don't want to loose so much money Grado should be ashamed as a company for what they charge for their cheaply made crap.)

    Sennheiser HD650 (Awesome cans, still love the 595/120's better tho! Tho on the MPX3 with the proper tubes and cable the 650's are outstanding)

    Sennheiser HD595, 120 Ohm (If you ever come across a pair of 120's buy them! Especially if you have tube amps. You would have to kill me to get my pair. These are the "holy crap" cans that people that come to my house always grab and want to take with them.)

    Sennheiser HD595, 50 ohm (My general cans, sit on the coffee table. WAY better then what some people let on IMHO.)

    Sennheiser HD-25 1 II (Fantastic cans in every sense)

    Sennheiser EH 350 (use to practice guitar with etc...)

    Sennheiser PX 100

    Sennheiser PX 200 IIB

    Sony MDR-SA5000 (while these can be birght with some recordings... so WHAT, they could easily be one of my favorite cans. They really sound great with a Meier crossfeed filter to tame them.) The cans sound fantastic on my SP MPX3 and Audio GD Compass, just amazing!!!

    Sony PFR-V1 (figured what the heck, tho they are GREAT sounding things. if you wear them properly they can be one of the most realistic sounding HP's you can own. fantastic sound stage and detail NOT for quiet environments! )

    Sony MDR-NC7 (Xmas present from my son so he doesn't have to listen to my old timer music)

    Denon AHC751K (Burnin needed 50+, $86.32 shipped and outstanding build quality. Need an amp IMHO... but holy crap are these detailed, neutral and just great with a decent amp. Well worth the money. Only fault is the tips that come with them. The stock tips are way too large for most ears, so you will need to find smaller ones to get a decent seal. If you find these mushy and sluggish it is the seal and no amp.)

    Klipsch IMAGE S2 IEM (Very nice IEM for the budget concious. )

    Klipsch IMAGE S4 IEM (Burnin needed 75+ These are actually some very nice IEM's for the money. Very neutral which I like! I find that they have great detail and mids. Hi's can occasionally be a tad on the bright side with certain recordings but nothing intolerable. Bass is almost perfect, to some people it might seem that it could use just slightly more impact. The fit and build are very nice. I gave $64.00 shipped for my pair. I would recommend these to anyone looking for a great general IEM with great detail etc.) These are the closet to any of my headphones as far as "detail" is concerned. Just outstanding considering the price.

    Head-Direct RE0 (Holy crap are these great for the money. I use them with my Sony 1061 and Ibasso T4. Every bit as good as what you will read here on head-fi. 150+ hours of burnin and a decent IEM amp to get the best sound from them.)

    Sennheiser IE8 (stunning IEM's.... mated to the X5L)

    Sony MDR-NC020 (came with my x1061)

    Ultimate Ears super.fi 3 Studio Black (underrated sound, but poor build quality! had to superglue both earpieces back together)

    Urbanears Plattan - These need a good 100 hour burnin. BUT after that they are actually pretty nice sounding. Will say tho, when I first got them I did not like them. But after burning them in they are a lot better then some have given them credit. For $59.00 shipped they are worth every penny. I like the retro look also.
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    MPX3-SLAM: HD/650's never leave this amp.

    PPX3-6SN7: Jensen PIO capacitor upgrade, Power Supply Upgrade. (I ordered this amp directly from SP. HD595/120's never leave it.

    HeadRoom Total AirHead AMP
    HeadRoom Micro Amp (mated to the X5L)
    Xenos 3HA Amplifier
    FiiO E5 (was a gift)
    LIL Dot I Tube Amp
    LIL Dot II Tube Amp

    LIL Dot III+ K701's never leave this amp. A stunning amp, self adjusting and tunable. One that will never leave my possession. This amp is so good to me I stopped buying Lil dot amps.

    Millet Starving Student Hybrid: Got screwed by a fellow head-fi'r on this amp.

    Audio GD Compass USB DAC / Amp: Sony SA5K just loves this amp with the Meier cross-feed filter very nice... upgradeable sound with different OPAMPs.

    HLLY HIGH END DMK-IV USB DAC / Amp: Great features, build and nice sound. Not perfect, but for me well worth the price . Honestly it seems to get better the more I listen to it. D2000's shine on it to my ears.

    HotAudio Thunderbolt MAX: (For something so small it puts out some serious sound. BUT it is so hissy it is very disappointing! Way too much noise from this lil amp. Too bad the builder doesn't put a little more effort into "finishing" the amp for the consumer. I mean a power LED in the back of the amp??? WTF??? No labels for input and output? Just seems really tacky this amp is not "finished" for the consumer. Almost like the builder is lazy or just doesn't give a f***. You can get so many better sounding / assymbled amps for the money.)

    HotAudio THUNDERBOLT 2010 Portable: $59.00, Well this amp was a HUGE disappointment for me. Once yet again the amp feels unfinished. No markings for input or output, which doesn't sound to bad until you go to the horrible Hotaudio web site and there is nothing telling which hole is what either! when you put the 9V battery in it flops around inside the case and makes all kinds of noise, so i had to find something to fill the extra space as to not rattle or pull the wires. But worst of all the thing barely powers my RE0's? I mean "wut?" says it can handle 16-300Ohm. There is NO way. On the RE0's you need the volume almost to full to get decent sound. The sound itself seems flat and dull with poor sound stage. Would contact Dave at Hotaudio, but i feel it would be a waste of time... He is a tad eccentric. Highly recommend you look elsewhere for a portable amp.

    iBasso T4: $131.00 shipped, Don't let first impressions fool you on this little amp. It puts out some serious sound! my only critique is that it seems too small. But the Bass boost and hi-lo switch are a nice feature. Easily powers the RE0 IEM's adds more depth and detail and seems to slightly widen the sound stage with them. My only gripe is the price, the amp should be around $100.00 shipped IMHO.

    Musical Paradise MP-301: (Gave to my BIL)

    Meier 2Move: (got on a trade)

    Meier Corda Concerto: AWESOME SS amp! highly recommend. This amp is the most neutral and sound accurate amp I have ever heard. worth every penny.

    Meir Crossfeed Filter (Corda Cross-1)
    Source Inventory:
    Sony NWZ-X-1061 (this is one great sounding MP3 player)
    Archos 7 320GB
    Cowon J3 32GB + 32 SD 64GB baby in a great player!
    Cowon IAUDIO X5L 30GB
    Cowon D2, 16GB + 32GB SD
    Sandisk ES280
    Sony CD Player (portable)
    Denon 2930CI
    Yamaha S1800BL (X2)
    Pioneer 578A-S
    SONY PS-LX250H Turntable
    Cable Inventory:
    DiMarzio Interconnects (these are very cool and well built)
    HD650 custom made cable
    Power-Related Components:
    IRON LUNG JELLYFISH (X2) For the SP Amps.
    Music Preferences:
    Anything other then twangy country and jazz.
    Any make of camera, collect and shoot the heck out of them.
    Ruger firearms
    Kimber Grand Raptor-II .45
    Just a guy. With perfect feet.


    Just a guy that luvs music.
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