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    FS: Ultimate Ears 10 Broken In

    Hi everybody, thanks for all the inquiries but the Triple.Fi 10's are sold! Sorry for anyone who was really hoping to buy mine.
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    FS: Ultimate Ears 10 Broken In

    Quote: In fact, you were the very first one to message me. :) I will keep everyone posted after I meet up with him. He is actually the husband of a colleague so I might let him listen for more than 5 minutes.
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    Which should I get (Help is appreciated)

    Why would you knock off the Diddy Beats? Have you auditioned them? I was in Best Buy yesterday and listened to them. I actually liked them alot and I use Triple.Fi 10's as my everday monitor so I have some sort of basis for comparison.   It seems like everyone in these forums bash the Beats...
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    FS: Ultimate Ears 10 Broken In

    Hey everybody, thanks for the numerous replies already. For some reason I can only send one message a day so I cannot respond to anyone's inquiries. I have someone in Chicago who is coming by my office this afternoon to audition them already. I will let everyone know if he decides to purchase...
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    FS: Ultimate Ears 10 Broken In

    Hello, I used these forums about 7-8 months ago to research my next pair of headphones for everyday use. I ended up with these in-ear monitors.   I love the sound of these headphones, I really do. Its just that my ears just don't work well with any of the tips, including the foam tips. The...
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