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    Audeze CRBN Interview, Review, Measurements

    Positive Feedback review
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    Your favorite sub-$1,000 closed-back headphones?

    Of the ones I heard, the best is MrSpeakers Aeon Flow.
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    Massdrop AKG K812 Giveaway! - COMPLETE!

    My Massdrop username is souomaior   Would like Massdrop to release some Woo Audio amplifiers :)
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    The one headphones you use most in your collect?

    Senn's HD 595, since 2006 and just because they're so comfortable ;)
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    Foobar 2000 Screenshot Thread

      What is this skin?
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    What's your foobar2000 setup?

    The best foobar skin ever...  
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    amp popularity check

    Total entries: 27 Entry Level: 16 ----------- Audio-gd C-2C (1) Audio-GD Compass (1) Audiotailor Jade (1) Darkvoice THA332 (1) Head Direct EF1 (1) Head Direct EF2 (1) Hotaudio RM-1 (1) Little Dot I+ (2) Little Dot MK III (1) Little Dot MK VII (1) Shanling PH100 (2) Starving...
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    DAC popularity check

    Budget/Entry level: ------------------ Beresford TC-7510 (1) Beresford TC-7520 (2) Beresford TC-7520 SE (Caiman) (1) Cambridge Audio DacMagic (5) EMU-0404 (1) HRT Music Streamer+ (1) iBasso D10 (1) Keces DA-151mkII (1) Little Dot DAC_I (2) Maverick Audio Tube Magic (1) MF VDAC (1)...
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    How many of you still have your first pair of good headphones?

    My Shure e3c are still around after more than 3 years. They're broken, but I keep them anyway.
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    Rank the Headphones that You Own.

    1 -> Sennheiser HD650 w/ Zu Mobius cable 2 -> Grado SR-325i (yeah, I like better than RS-1) 3 -> Grado RS-1 4 -> Denon D7000 5 -> Grado SR-60 6 -> Sennheiser HD595 (they're alright)