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    Mapletree Ear+ HD Class A Parafeed headphone amp

    Every Grado owner should have at least one of these amps sometime in their life. They are magic.
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    SOLD: Selling a Stax T1

    I have expressed interest. I am second in line. I live in Australia. I will be responsible for any import fee incurred as a result of the purchase of the amp and importation into Australia.
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    First headphone amp: Schiit Asgard or Little Dot MK3?

    Why not take your hdmi out of the Onkyo? if you area price  sensitive at this time you need to assess the cost of nos tubes for the LDIii. Four tubes could double the cost of the amp. If you are going to stick with the original tubes (due to cost) then go for a Matrix. The Bly changes you can...
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    Solid state or tubes for alessandro ms2i?

    Mapletree Ear really take the ms2 to a whole new level-bringing it alive like no other amp can do. It works well for rock, jazz, piano and most music except large scale symphonic orchestras. However if you are wanting symphoniies you have the wrong headphones.   You can pick up a second hand...
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    Tube amp to match Grado GS1000

    A Mapletree Ear is best synergy with Grados, especially RS, but also GS. I understood the term euphoric after listening to the Ear.
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    Petition: Bring Back the HE Audio Jades

    Signed. I want a pair.
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    HE Audio Jade

    Like to purchase HE Jade electrostatic headphones, anywhere. PM me with price, model, condition and issues. I will meet all fees, shipping costs. Pay by PayPal. Thanks
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    Grado RS-2 amp recommendation?

    Mapletree are hard to beat. I have a Mapletree Ear+Purist 150 which has fantastic synergy with the RS2 providing a broader soundstage, clear seperation between instruments and a more natural timbre.
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    Recable RS-2's ???

    I would recommend this option. I have a Mapletree Ear +Purist has fantastic synergy with my RS2i. In particular, good soundstaging with excellent seperation and a more realistic timbre.
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    Making Ear Impressions in Adelaide,Australia

    Try Adelaide Ear Moulds. I cannot recommend them as I have not used their services. See We are trying to organise a meet for 25 November see , for updates
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    Any headfi-ers in South Australia

    I am in Adelaide. We are tying to organise an Adelaide meet, possibly 25 November 2012. See
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    Love, Life, Wine and Audio - The Audiophile Equation

    A good read. All the best for the future.
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    Adelaide meet

    I have been giving it a little thought. Isn't it a matter of just making proposal: a date say Sunday 25th November 2012 11am-4pm (set up from 10, lock hall by 5pm) Hall with easy parking, central, lots of power points, tables, chairs,kitchen facility and toilet $20 per head to cover hall cost? -...
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    Anyone from Melbourne

    I am in Adelaide. I would be keen to attend,
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    Brisbane NOVEMBER 2012 Meet

    Next weekendd! I am in Adelaide. How do I register to attend?