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    Etymotic Research EVO impressions and discussion thread

    I bit on the EVO pre-sale. ER4S was my first-ever premium in-ear headphone that I bought way back in my introduction into this hobby around 2007. I have been a die-hard fan since. I doubt Etymotic will let me down, though $500 is a big price point to live up to!
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    The new IE 300: Big and detailed sound, everywhere.

    I would love to try these out and review them if a demo train gets setup. Definitely excited.
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    Sennheiser IE300 Review & Measurements

    So... your experience with them is a couple hours at most with a few songs. I have more than 60 hours using them and comparing them with over 50 other IEMs I currently own. Maybe I value different qualities of sound performance than you. Maybe it's just a lack of experience.
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    Sennheiser IE300 Review & Measurements

    You've bought a pair and listened to them yourself?
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    Sennheiser IE300 Review & Measurements

    Sorry you feel that way. I've been here giving my unbiased thoughts for nearly 10 years and 2000 posts of content / reviews. Maybe you should take the time to investigate my claims, you might be pleasantly surprised :ksc75smile:
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    Sennheiser IE300 Review & Measurements

    I own the IE500 Pro and I think it is one of the best-kept secrets in this hobby. It is easily the most overall impressive single-driver earphone I've ever heard, even more so than the ER4S/ER4XR from Etymotic. And there's no doubt it outclasses many, many competing multi-driver earphones. I...
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    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    IMO I am a little disappointed by the ER3SR/XR series. It sounds like a lower-resolution version of the ER4SR/XR, a direct downgrade for less money, which makes fiscal business sense but doesn't impress me as a collector and lover of music. The ER3 are still very technically competent compared...
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    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    No, they don't sound the same. I've used the ER4S for over 6 years, and the ER4SR for a few months. To my ears, my main takeaways are ER4S is a little more pronounced/forward, where the ER4SR takes a few steps back in its presentation (not to be confused with increased sound stage depth) ER4S...
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    If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

    I remember testing EtyKids, MC5, MK3, and MK5 in the past, which were all previous attempts at dynamic driver topology while meeting the Etymotic house sound. While EtyKids can be discounted as a special use case, all three of the M-series were really just awful. They sounded like the standard...
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    I love Shure Olives, but I need something similar that is "longer"

    I slowly slide the silicone stem straight down over the IEM stem -- luckily newer Etymotics have stainless steel tubes so there's no worry about damaging those thin stalks. I do not roll or twist them at all, just slowly push. Then, when they're on the IEM stem, I gently compress the tips...
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    I love Shure Olives, but I need something similar that is "longer"

    I've been using Westone True-Fit Foam ear tips for all my Etymotics and Westones for about 5 years, and have never once had the inner core come unattached from the foam. Are you buying genuine ones? I've seen lots of fakes on eBay and Alieexpress etc.
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    Chinese / Asian Brand IEM Info Thread

    I agree a little bit, that collecting and hoarding is more of a burden than it's worth, for example having more than 10 expensive ($200+) earphones at any given time is more of a burden on almost anyone than the joy of alternating them. Clutter is very damaging on the mind and sometimes hard to...
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    Your personal top 5 most enjoyable IEMs

    TRI i3 (Graphene DD + Planar + BA) Tinhifi P1 (Planar) Hidizs Rainbow (Graphene DD) Etymotic ER4S (BA) Final E4000 (DD) The top 5 always change slightly but there's always an Etymotic in there, and the advent of Graphene DDs and Planar drivers has basically made all my previous "top-tier" PET...
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    Etymotic Ear Tip Options

    I have been using the Westone Star-Fit (silicone) and True-Fit (foam) tips for my Etymotics on a near-daily basis for over 3 years now. They have given by far the best sound, fit, and isolation out of any tip I've...
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    AIWA - a brand reborn?

    I received the AIWA Prodigy-1 IEMs in the mail today. Here's my quick impressions :) Purchase Experience / Shipping / Packaging: The Prodigy-1 were purchased for $49 inclusive of standard USA shipping on their website and arrived at my house in about a week. They were put in a hard pleather...