Headphone Inventory
Focal Elear w/ Utopia Pads
Audiotechnica ESW990H
HiFiman HE560
- Jerginator Enhancement Mod
AKG K612 Pro Reference
- Bass mod (noticed the port is smaller in diameter than the Q701s = tighter sound)
KEF M500
Sony MDR-1000X BT
Sony H.EAR

Sony XBA-Z5 Triple Hybrid Reference IEMs
Earsonics SM2 V2
MEElectronics M6 (beaters)

Stax SR-Sigma
Shure SE846
Senn HD800
Senn HD700
Sony MDR-SA3000
Sony MDR-Z1R
Grado SR325 Gold Edition
AKG K812
Beyer T90 Jubilee
Sony XBA-A3
Koss ESP950 w/ E90 Energizer
Dunu Titan 5 w/ spinfit tips
Beyerdynamic DT1770
AudioTechnica ATH-R70X 400ohm
Audioquest Nighthawk
Fostex/Massdrop THX00 Mahogany Cups
Klipsch X7i Singla BA
Westone W1
Macaw GT100S
Beyerdynamic T70
Heir Audio Tzar 350
AKG K712 Pro
Meelectronics Matrix Air 2
Beyerdynamic DT1350
Oppo PM3
Fischer FA-011
Fidue A83 Triple Hybrid
Senn HD650
-Blue Dragon Cable
Sony MDR-XB950BT
- Dynamat, wool fabric, and cup liner modded (Bill-P mod v2)
KEF M200
Teac ZE1000
Philips SHP9500
- Magick Man mod, super simple 2mm felt and a rubber ring around the inner of the pad.
SennGrado custom
- Senns PX100-ii drivers, 7Keys Custom Cedar Cup, Auvio Headband, Grado Cable
Havi B3 Pro-1
Brainwavz B2 Dual BA
NVS EX10S (VSonic GR-06 rebrands)
Sony MDR-V6
Denon D2000 w/
- partial Lawton mod, Mogami custom cable
Logitech UE900 UIEM
Sony XBA-H3 Triple Hybrid
VSonic VSD3S Dynamic
Grado SR80 w/ wood cups
Etymotic HF5
Narmoo S1 dual driver IEM
HiSound Wooduo
Denon AH-D600
Sony MDR-MA900
Creative Aurvana 3 (dual BA)
MrSpeakers Mad Dog 3.2 Alphas
Sony EXO-800
HiFiman HE-4
HiFiman HE-500
HiFiman HE-400
HiFiman HE-300
Hifiman RE400
Shure SRH1440
Audio Technica ESW9
Superlux 668B
Beyer DT880 Pro
Beyer DT1350
AKG K280 (quad driver HP)
AKG Q701
Sony XBA-H1
Shure SE215-CL
Sennheiser Amperior
Headphone Amp Inventory
Audio-GD Master 9
Garage 1217 Project Horizon III Hybrid Tube (for 100-600ohm phones)

Schiit Freya Balanced Preamp

Massdrop CTH
Stax SRM1 MK2
Cayin iHA6
Schiit Ragnarok
ampandsound Mogwai Tube Amp
Audio-GD SA31SE (*single tear -- such a fantastic amp, dare I say sounding as good as $1-$2k units?)
Garage 1217 Project Sunrise III Hybrid Tube
-with an aftermarket linear power supply
Bravo Ocean Hybrid Tube
Cayin C5 Portable Beast Amp
Audio GD C2 Class A
Garage 1217 Project Polaris
Maverick Audio Tubemagic A1
Schiit Vali (2x)
Garage 1217 Project Ember with supercharger mod
Source Inventory
Chord Hugo 2
Matrix Mini-i First Gen

FiiO X7-MK2
MHDT Stockholm V2
Vinshine Audio Soekris R2R Reference DAC
Ibasso DX80
Ibasso DX50
FiiO X3ii
Denafrips PONTUS NOS R2R Dac
Schiit Modi Multibit Dac
Holo Audio Spring Compensated NOS R2R Dac (KTE LVL 3)
Chord Hugo
MHDT Labs Pagoda 24-bit non-oversampling (PCM1704 R2R)
MHDT Labs Stockholm V2 non-oversampling (PCM56P-J R2R)
FiiO X1
MHDT Labs Paradisea 3
Schiit Multibit Bifrost Uber
FiiO X5
Sony F887 Walkman
Audio-GD NF12
Audio-GD NFB11
IBasso DX100 DAP (already miss it)
Yulong D100 MK1
Geek Out 450
Beresford Bushmaster MK2
AudioGD NFB12
Audioengine D3
FiiO E17
Matrix Mini-i
Fiio E18
Audio-GD NFB-10SE Balanced
HifiMeDIY Sabre U2 Async
Schiit SYS Passive Pre-amp
Cable Inventory
Shaman blessed monoprice interconnects
Chucky Norris tears baptized HifimeDIY 3.5mm to RCA interconnect
Zu Audio Birth Power Cable
Dyson Audio Super Duper High End USB Cable
Power-Related Components
Furman AC215A Power Conditioner
Furman SMP+ Rackmount Power Conditioner
Other Audio Equipment
Breeze Audio DU-U8 w/ femto clocks
Fostex PM0.41D Active Speakers
KEF Reference 105.2 Speakers
Rogue Audio Atlas Magnum II Power Amplifier
Nakamichi PA-7 Power Amplifier
ATI-1502 Power Amplifier

Focusrite Rednet 3 Digital Transport via Ethernet
iFi iPurifier2
Gustard U12 Digi Transport
Audio-Related Tweaks
Couple of pints of beer, maybe a glass or two of wine.
Music Preferences
Jazz, classical, indie, rock, blues, rhythm & blues, acoustic, electronic, and Isao Tomita.

Sometimes Kendrick Lamar and r&b/pop.
1sq ft at a time (0.3sq meter everywhere else)


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