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    Koss Pro DJ 100 - The Budget King

    You have the DJ100, not the DJ200.
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    Koss KSC75's. Dont Forget This Giant Killer in all the ''Hidden Gem'' Hype.

    It's been about a decade since I've logged back on here on hf and it's a pleasure to see the love, appreciation, new ideas/mods for the ksc75 still continue. I haven't really been following the audio scene in awhile but I can tell you a few Koss models including the ksc75 have been my go-to...
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    A step up from the PX100

    MB Quart QP55x / Grado SR60/iGrado
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    Recommend me my third pair of headphones!

    Go for a used set of SR60s.
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    PX100 vs PortaPros vs KSC75

    portapro/ksc75 > PX100 the koss 60 ohm drivers also sound much better with amping.
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    MS-1 vs. SR-60

    nice comparison, not surprising at all. more reason to just stick to my sr60 and igrado.
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    Tutorial: How to micky-mouse a pair of Baby-Woody KSC

    i'd love to see a woodied iGrado and tutorial for it
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    MB-Quart QP55X, anyone own these ?

    has anyone managed to remove the red foam from the back of the driver??
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    MB-Quart QP55X, anyone own these ?

    the plug is a 1/4 inch, so the bigger type of audio plugs.
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    49.99$ Sony NW-S705 2GB MP3 Player

    Just thought someone might be interested in this deal. Sony NW-S705 2GB MP3 Player with Noise Cancelling Headphones $49.99+ $5 shipping
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    DAC for under $100?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Gatticus Monster Cable Entech Number Cruncher I see them on eBay for under $100.00. wow, awesome deal.
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    Used Sennheiser 580s

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    The iGrados?

    Quote: Originally Posted by BrookR1 You have to go through the back way 1. Use a push pin or thumbtack to pull out the little screw cover where the headband attaches to the driver case. (the black cover...not the chrome one) 2. Use a small phllips screwdriver and remove each screw...
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    The iGrados?

    Anyone know how to remove the foam behind the driver? How do you manage removing the caps that hide the screws without damaging it?
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    How do I get E2 foamies on the marshmallows?

    you need to remove the layer of gray pvc tubing before you put on any E2 tips.