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    Feedback by 'SolaVirtus' on listing 'Focal Elear'

    Todd was responsive, and a pleasure to work with. The item was very well packaged and shipped quickly. It was in great working order and exactly as the classified posting described. Great transaction and experience all around.
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    Dan Clark Audio Aeon RT Closed thread

    Funny you should ask how they compare, I just watched a new DMS video where he compares the Aeon Closed X (same/similar to RT Closed) and Noire.
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    Amazon launches Music HD with lossless streaming

    I think this is pretty new, at least not more than a week at most. Mine also calls it "wired headphones" though I'm using a Tempotec dongle.
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    Earbuds Round-Up

    Definitely enjoy mine - I've got both an X and Lite sets. Fantastic punch and bass among buds. "Audiophile Fun" is a good short description. Edited for typos.
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    Earbuds Round-Up

    I happened to get a 2nd set (X6 with mic) on my recent order that I could part with. PM me if you like.
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    Feedback by 'SolaVirtus' on listing 'F.S. Tempotec Sonata Pro II + Tempotec BHD'

    Smooth transaction, responsive seller, provided all the details needed, and item was as-described. Wouldn't hesitate to work with or recommend hififlight to others in the future.
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    HIFIMAN Arya (& 2021 Stealth Magnet version) - Impressions Thread

    That's better than I was assuming. I suppose 10 degrees on each side covers a pretty good majority head shapes.
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    Comment by 'SolaVirtus' on listing '$155 Blur 173 MX150 ohm aPs 2.5mm'

    I agree! I'd be all over these if I didn't have a similar MX150 set already. Those 173 cables are beauties.
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    HIFIMAN Arya (& 2021 Stealth Magnet version) - Impressions Thread

    Having had both overlapping to compare for a short time, my experience was that they were both comfortable, but the Arya moreso for me. Anandas fit me nicely, didn't slip around or get uncomfortable. I must have an agreeable head shape. I did feel like I had to get them placed just right on my...
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    Feedback by 'SolaVirtus' on listing 'Hifiman Ananda'

    A great buyer to work with. Straightforward, responsive, easy going. Certainly wouldn't hesitate to buy or sell with him again.
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    Comment by 'SolaVirtus' on listing 'Hifiman Ananda'

    Bump with a price drop.
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    Feedback by 'SolaVirtus' on listing 'Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee'

    Good buyer. Responsive and easy to work and chat with. Would gladly buy/sell with again without reservation.
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    Comment by 'SolaVirtus' on listing 'Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee'

    Sold with cable. Thanks for looking!
  14. Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee

    Excellent/like new 58X. I'm the first/only owner. These were my office cans and saw very little use, sitting mostly in a drawer in an empty office. Comes with pristine box, original cable and adapter. There is a Modmic magnet on the left side, which I'm happy to leave or remove. Additionally, a...
  15. V-moda M-100

    M-100 for sale, not able to get enough use with me. Pads are new XL size. Several cable options available. Black splitter cable and either orange or grey speakeasy cable are included. The orange one started to fray a little in one spot so it's wrapped in electrical tape there. BoomPro mic cable...