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    Rugged Portable Headphones Advice

    Check out Headroom's headphone selection guide for some ideas.
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    [Review] Brainwavz M4

    I read this thread last week and picked up the M4 w/ mic on Amazon for $28. I just opened the package 20 minutes ago. I wanted something cheap that I could throw in the bag and use on the go with my iPhone. I've been using $300+ IEMs during my commute and wanted something that required less...
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    Benefits of IEMs compared to full-sized cans?

    x3   Seriously, the hair factor is the primary reason I use earbuds and IEMs at work.   Another benefit is financial. You can get good sound with IEMs without using an expensive amp (so says the guy who uses the Pico Slim regularly  ).   While I admit that I have no experience with...
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    Earbuds w/ Mic

    Yes, earbuds with mics exist. Search for earbud at There are some real cheap ones out there (less than $10).   I haven't found any that sounded good, so I recently ended up buying an Audio Technica AT-MP100 Music Phone Headphone Adapter from J&R to use my regular earbuds with...
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    Sony SA5000 deal $200

    Quote: x2   Good thing it's sold out at and back to regular price at amazon.  
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    Amp for DT990 250ohms

    Just to clarify, the Mini^3 (portable) and M^3 (desktop) are different amps. You can get a used Mini^3 for under $100. Rockhopper Audio is another great source for either of these amps.
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    Correspondence with Ray Samuels

    As some have already said, just call him. I talked to both Ray and his wife a couple of years ago, and they're both very nice people and very accomodating of HF'ers. I bought both the original SR-71 and Hornet directly from RSA after a couple of phone calls with RSA.   Most boutique amp...
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    RIP Barbara Billingsley (June Cleaver)

    Another icon from my childhood has left this world. I grew up watching Leave It to Beaver re-runs and loved it. Thanks for the memories, "Mom."
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    YUIN, try them again or something else?

    Quote: My MX580 arrived yesterday, and I just opened them now. Wow! Nice build quality, looks, and carrying bag. Multiple ear sleeves is another plus. I wasn't expecting so much from an under-$30 earbud package.   Compared to my venerable MX500, the placement of instruments is more...
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    Introducing Blu Falcon

    Welcome aboard, Ed!   As a second post, care to explain the origin of your user name?
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    help finding gaming headphones

    Quote: I've had one A series headphone -- ATH-A900. I wouldn't recommend it for gaming because of the pleather pads. For me, if I used the headphone for extended periods of time, I felt too warm because of the pads. Get a headphone with velour pads or anything that can breathe.   The...
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    Sound quality between single and double drivers

    Enjoy your new IEM.   There is a significant audible difference going from the SE200s to SE400s.
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    Info on new upcoming Headamp pico POWER Portable Amp?

    woot! dual 9v batteries! I still have my 9v battery charger from my days owning the SR-71.   Justin, will this new amp inherit the digital volume control from the Pico Slim?
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    Seattle Meet 10/2/10 impressions

    my bad   Congrats on the win today.
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    Factory Tour: Front Panel Express

    Awesome photos, Asr. Thanks for sharing.