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    PC gaming setup help

    And where do you fit virtual surround for games on a DAC? You don't, and the Blaster Z have an headphone output too with amp... For gaming you can't go wrong with that setup... My Essence STX II can beat the hell of some external setups out there with no noise, the only thing you can say about...
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    HD 598 Alternatives?

    The sound stage is determined from the driver size, the design of the cup and drivers types. The burn in does not affect it by my opinion but I maybe wrong. Not a Pro on this. xD
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    HD 598 Alternatives?

    If you are a gamer and do not travel a lot with your audio equipment i suggest a sound card. An amp does need an input source audio, from an dac... That's why people buy an AMP/DAC Combo, or "stacks" them individually one on top of the other.. All sound card are an DAC, and the high end of...
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    Asus STX II recommended opamps!

    So I got no help in the topic, went with LME49990 on the blind...
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    HD 598 Alternatives?

    The burn in affects the sound quality but in this headphones you wont note very strong improvements, a little bit on trained ears i think... I have my pair for almost 2 years and they are rock solid and sound just equal to the first day I bought them... The real improvements you will notice is...
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    Setup recommendations

    Hi there, I'm new to this forum so I will make a small presentation. My name is Frederico, I'm from Portugal and I have 25 years old. I need help from you guys because you have more experience than I. I have for headphones Sennheiser HD598, a friend told me that they are good and indeed they...
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