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    The 2010 Holiday Gift Exchange Is On! (Read thread for details!)

    Did this last year, lots of fun.  I am in again if still open.
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    April 17th is Record Store Day!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by btf1980 Hit up a bunch of local record shops with some friends for record store day. Here's what I picked up. Damn I wanted that Budos Band split soo bad but no dice. How is it?
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    FLAC Decompression software?

    Quote: Originally Posted by skoog5600 Hybrys thanks for your explanation. I understand that FLAC is directly from the source. But i also heard that there is a little compression going on and that you can change that. As Krmathis so kindly pointed out this is done by using the -0 flag...
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    April 17th is Record Store Day!!!

    Anybody pick up any good special releases? The shop by didn't have the Budos Band/Sharon Jones split 7" I really wanted so I picked up the Bon Iver/Peter Gabriel 7".
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    College Student Food

    That is a lot of money per week for groceries. When I was living in my old apt, I was spending $75 every two weeks for food and I was eating really well. Learn how to actually use all kinds of vegetables because they are cheap and so tasty. All the weird ones, brussel sprouts, radishes, bok...
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    Applying for jobs, is it really too late?

    Quote: Originally Posted by Whitebread I'm a senior studying Mechanical Engineering. I was, at one point, dead set upon applying to and attending grad school come September, but now I've changed my mind. I just spoke to my father about this not 30 minutes ago and he expressed serious...
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    Alessandro Wood Cup Mod -- where to start?

    Collected Grado Mods HeadWize - Project: The Collected Grado Headphone Mods by "Skippy" et al. At the bottom there is a picture with the dimensions you need.
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    Grado Wood Maintenance

    Unless they are coated with anything, you should treat them like a nice piece of furniture, or an antique instrument. I use lemon oil on all of the furniture I have made/bought and I use it on my violin as well.
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    Anti-Folk/Folk Punk

    Another great one is Paleface. Check this out, too
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    New album releases in 2010 - Update/discussion thread

    Quote: Originally Posted by BIG POPPA Got the Dum Dum girls and Neon trees today Heard a few tracks, didn't catch me right away. I love the NPR album listen, it has made a few decisions for me so far. MGMT's new album = amazing Beach House - Teen Dream is another...
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    Pink Floyd Dark Side of The Moon...FOR NES!!!!

    Quote: Originally Posted by LFF Just wish there was a FLAC version. Hah I thought the same thing, although I guess wanting FLAC of 8-bit music is a little much. This has to be one of the greatest covers I have ever heard. It is so close to the original, yet not.
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    Will you/Do you miss High School?

    No way I would ever go back to high school. It was fun but bottom line was I was living in my parents house making $6 an hour. Now I am living in my own place, and I make good money, and I can do whatever I want. Lots of friends in the first few years of college would whine about how great high...
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    Updated M^3 (MMM) (Mcubed) BOM

    Hi all, going through the M^3 BOM to setup building my own, so I figured I would post my updated version. I couldn't find the M^3 thread, and I think AMB says it was lost in a great head-fi disaster. It has all of the updated pricing from Mouser, and also all the parts if you wanted Digikey. I...
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    PC Power Supply Question

    Quote: Originally Posted by zotjen smrtby123, yes, I am aware that the PSU I listed can be found cheaper elsewhere. I was under the impression though that Dell used proprietary PSU's (something to do with the pins in the MB connector) which was why I was only coming up with one hit when...