I like my bass but not at all cost..i Rather spend more end do it good than go half way and regret.
Computer, tech, audio, movie, Series,SF,,, Biking,
Everything to do with electronics, technology , Science and Science-fiction ;-)
Headphone Inventory
Etymotic HF5
AKG K370
Senheiser RS170 (Kleer technologie)
(ordered) Beyerdynamic T5p (after waiting for three months i gave up , perhaps in the future i'l try again)
(ordered) V-moda M-100

Senheiser HD600/650
Audeze LCD2/3
Hifi-man HE500 / HE-6
Sennheiser HD800
Headphone Amp Inventory
- Fiio E17
- Burson Conductor
- Asus Xonar Essence Muses edition (don't like the high output impedance 10 ohms)
- ifi ican + ifi iDac (to expensive for what it is..
- Schiit Asgard 2 + bifrost
Source Inventory
Mac, iphone 5, ipod nano 6e gen 32Gig,
Other Audio Equipment
Logitech Z-2300.

headphone stand : " CA Electronics HS-1 "
Music Preferences
Classical ,Jazz , Soul , R&B,Rap, Almost everything..From James Darren to Green Day,Rage Against the Machine..
Sting,U2,...But mostly i get swept away from grand symphonic scores like the "StarWars collection" or the Last Samurai.

So al kinds ..Mail / female vocalist .. depends on the mood ..!
popcorn hour media player..
Unix/Linux it nurd.