I believe everything I read on the internet.
You mean other than music? Do people actually do other stuff?
I read. A lot.
Headphone Inventory
IEM: UE700, Westone UM2 (office and gym), ACS T1 customs (avoid!); Vision Ears Stage 4 customs
Cans: Grado GS1000, HiFi Man HE500, Stax SR-009
Headphone Amp Inventory
Yamamoto SC HA02
SPL Phonitor
Cavalli Audio Liquid Fire
NuForce Icon HDP
GoVibe PortaTube +
Headroom Aristaeus
A&K 120 Titan
Source Inventory
IMac running Pure Music
Windows: J River Music + JPlay plugin
Ipod Classic (G7)


EMM Labs DAC-2X mated with TSDX transport
NuForce Icon HDP (bedroom)
CypherLabs Algorhythm Solo (mobile)
Cable Inventory
Interconnect/Speaker: Nordost Frey, Synergistics Tungsten Balanced ICs, CTS Speaker, Wireworld Platinum Starlight USB
Shunyata Black Mambas for amps and Anacondas for sources

Headphone: Elemental Frequencies LOD and 6mms; ALO Audio AXC-24
Power-Related Components
Quantum Qbase
Other Audio Equipment
ASR Emitter II Blue (2010, with gold PCBs) into Maggie 3.7s
Ayre V-5xe into 2 Maggie DWM bass panels

Stuff I've tried:
Aesthetix Romulus CD player (a loaner, but they will have to pry it from my cold dead fingers to get it back; the best soundstaging DAC I have tried)
Abbingdon Music Research CD 77
Antelope Gold w/Voltikus
Berkeley Audio Designs Alpha DAC w/USB Converter
Audio Research DSi-200 amp (stay away!)
Goldmund Telos 390.2 (audio jewelry)
Audio-Related Tweaks
SolidTech RadiusSolo racks
SolidTech Disks of Silence
15 or so guitars (PRS, Fender, EVH, James Trussart, Santa Cruz, Gretsch, Martin) and about half that many amps (Swart, Carr, Marshall, VHT, Matchless, Fender) and pedals as colorful and plentiful as an orchid garden.
medical device engineering and clinical research