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    FS-EU: Sony TA-ZH1ES

    Still available. Price drop to 1250 shipped to anywhere in Europe!
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    Official Sony DMP-Z1 Thread

    The wait begins!!!!
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    I think a little noise while plugging in is normal, but I’ll let others chime in!
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    Official Sony DMP-Z1 Thread

    I may or may not have just bought one...:L3000:
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    The Sony case is a bummer, in my opinion. first of all it takes up SO much space when you open it, and second you have to Keep it open to charge the WM. Lastly, it doesn’t cover the sides, buttons or top connectors are at all. pass!!!
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    Cayin N8 TOTL DAP: KORG Nutube, 4.4mm Balanced, Dual AK4497, Dual output mode, Dual Line Out

    Parting with my N8 in Europe if anyone is interested:
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    Selling a WM1Z mega bundle! Saving up for DMP...
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    The Official Sony TA-ZH1ES Hi-Res Headphone Amplifier (Live From IFA 2016)

    Selling my TA if anyone is interested! Saving up for DMP:)
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    FS-EU: Sony TA-ZH1ES

    Selling my beloved Sony TA ZH1ES!!!! Purchased from October 2019. Includes all original accessories. no trades. Excellent condition! please let me know if you have any questions!
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    FS-EU : Sony WM1Z mega bundle!!!

    Hello! im parting with my beautifully kept WM1Z with tons of accessories! The bundle includes: -Sony WM1Z in excellent condition. Purchased on October 2019... I will include invoice for warranty. Crystal screen protector installed. Includes all accessories/box. Uncapped. -Sony...
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    FS: EU - CAYIN N8 SS + Dignis case.

    Mint, barely used, still has factory screen protector on ( includes a crystal one as well). I sent my old N8 for repair and received a brand new one (this one) back. let me know if you have any questions! 1850 EUR + shipping/PayPal NO TRADES.