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    Bought a Sony SA5000 from him. The headphone was as described and was packaged well. His communication was great with almost instantaneous replies. I wouldn't think twice about doing business with him again.
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    A different direction to HD580

    elnero: Which amps would you recommend for synergy with RS-1? Which DAC would you recommend? PS: I really am going to try to keep my total cost below a grand for now. If I don't I might just be forced to get nostalgic about grad school and end up on Ramen noodles for the next few weeks.
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    A different direction to HD580

    Well, there are a few things that I would like in my new headphone that weren't there in the 580. Better PRaT, faster attack, more sparkle. I don't have any doubt that RS-1s will satisfy me like 580s did, but just leave me wanting for a bit more. So, if I am dropping 1k right now and maybe more...
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    A different direction to HD580

    I had heard an SR-225 some time before and while I liked it's aggression, I preferred my 580s. If the RS-1 is the same signature but everything finer, I would prefer not having a Grado. Yes, I want that soundstage because I want that "out of head" experience. The 225 always reminded me that I...
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    Baltimore/DC Regional Meet August 2, 2008

    I'm in but where is Bricksellers? How do you get there? I have not been to DC yet. Anyone from Baltimore I can tag along with or want a ride either way?
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    This is very late but I bought a Shure SE530PTH from Min and everything went as smooth as possible. Was prompt with replies and shipped on time and the package was as described. It was the the first time I bought anything on this forum so I was a bit nervous. I would not hesitate to deal with...
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    Baltimore/DC Regional Meet August 2, 2008

    I quite literally live 5 mins from the BWI airport, so anyone needing a ride can pm me.
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    EVH Eruption - Similar Solos?

    Well I don't have anything that is as carnal as Eruption but one that always moves me is Jeff Beck's 'Cause We Ended As Lovers. For explosiveness there is a turbo charged rendition of Coltrane's A love supreme by John McLaughlin and Santana off their Love Devotion Surrender album but it lacks...
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    New Sigur Ros album- free stream on!

    oh! Man! What an album! The first seven tracks blow my mind and the next 4 kind of tail off. But then again every time Ára bátur ends I switch back to Gobbledigook and repeat so I have only heard the rest a couple of times. Not even Svefn-G-Englar matches the majesty of Ára bátur though. (Helps...
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    Baltimore/DC Regional Meet August 2, 2008

    Im not a regular visitor to the site so just checked it after a week or so. I'll pitch something in too.
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    Baltimore/DC Regional Meet August 2, 2008

    Oh! Are we are counting DAPs too? I'll bring my Cowon D2 and Vaio VGF AP1L (old mp3 player ) then. Edit: Has a place been decided yet?
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    Just bought a NWZ-A818 and I have some questions

    My old mp3 player died on me so I am now looking for a new one and everyone here seems to be raving about the D2. Does it support m3u playlists and ID3 tags? Can't seem to find those on any specs?