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    Ultrasone Edition 8

    Hi Rayzilla ! Just to say that I've experienced almost the same problem as you. My ED8 started to have that problem with the cable close to the connector. Even if i was being very careful with it ! I bough mine in the US , so couldn't get a warranty repair. However, I went to my local Ultrasone...
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    Request - Headphone maintenance - Any Tips ?

    Hi everyone,   This is my firsh thread here, so I appologize if a missed the right forum section for that kind of question.   I recently bought a pair of phones for nomad purpose and Ultrasone ED8 were the perfect match for me.   As you may imagine, i've been as careful as one would...
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    HD 25-1 II vs ???

    You can try the B&W P5, their isolation IS great ! (But sound signature is not as neutral as hd25ii one)
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    You know you're an audiophile when...

    The best way to apreciate while upgrading is to forget your gear at relatives' house ! This way you end up stuck with iPhones' or. 30$ cans, and you instantly remember what your journey IS about :)
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    Impendance confusion, portable headphones

    I've been using them for 2 yrs every day or so (well truely 1 year, i take them only on winter for ear covering : p) It is suitable for iphone , thats the least i can say. However, i recomand you use something like Fiio amp which would be small enough, and leave all the restrictions behind ...
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    Impendance confusion, portable headphones

    That might be half a guess since i'm kinda noobish to all of that, so be cautious about what i will say ! IMO, higher impedance doesnt mean better cans... (Ultrasone ed8 get quite low impedance) This idea might come from the fact that high impedance cans would get more resistive speakers, and...
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    You know you're an audiophile when...

    You know you're an audiophile when ... ... You are looking forward to replace your beloved cans, and stucking two b&w diamonds to your ears seems like a suitable option for you
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