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    Post Your Photography Here #2

    Awesome pics devwild!
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    Receiver recommendations for rc10s

    The A-35R eats the T-amp for breakfast. As for the inputs, you can use any input except the phono input.
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    Quote: Originally Posted by 11amaberry These china bones, is that a nickname for bones reds (made in china)? Never heard of china bones. Yeah they're the Reds. China Bones is just the nickname.
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    Could never justify coughing up for ceramics, they just seem crazy. I've been rolling China Bones for over 9 years now, they've never let me down. I used to use FKDs but they get fcked by rain way too easily, hence the name I guess.
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    Post your computer specs!~

    Very nice build! Only thing I'd be a little worried about is the OCZ psu as it's based on a cheaper Sirfa design.
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    why the heck are the grado woodies more expensive than the space shuttle

    Quote: Originally Posted by n_maher I marvel at how you assume wood works and machines just like metal yet admit to not having worked with it. I also love how you're now saying that you don't care about how it looks, then go on to chastise Larry for the way his cups look. Your arrogance...
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    Post your computer specs!~

    Quote: Originally Posted by stang Haha, yes, yours is very old actually. Need to upgrade to i7 I had a Q6600 at 3.2ghz, but i7 came out and anyone who loves to play games obviously needs to get it, so I did I would consider my comp alright, not too good though. i7 920 4ghz, evga x58...
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    Quote: Originally Posted by muad I really like the Fatman idea, Pair those up with the paradigm mini monitors (not atom!) or PSB alpha B1 and you'll be very happy. The 2 speakers I just mentioned seem to be the most unanimously well reviewed budget HIFI speakers I found in all of my...
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    I really doubt someone who is shopping for a compact all-in-one solution is really cross-shopping with a full size Maggy set-up. No all-in-one solution will sound great comparatively but it depends on what the constraints are. The Fatman dock/amp that's listed above paired with a pair of Atoms...
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    The NIKON Thread (Talk About Nikon Stuff here)

    Quote: Originally Posted by choka Orz why would you take a 50mm only to a car show... using primes doesn't mean you have to be stupid. you need at least 20mm wide on DX for a car show. carry one prime only when you know exactly what you are shooting... nowadays i often carry a 20...
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    Audi TT vs BMW 330i

    Quote: Originally Posted by DeusEx The new Z4 looks impressive. It looks like a BMW now. By 2008, the Z4 had become a great looking car. The minor revisions made throughout the years slowly transformed the overall image of the Z4. I'd even venture to say that the rear on the old...
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    How rich is rich?

    Quote: Originally Posted by arnesto 1 million in net assets excluding your primary residency. Assuming your primary residency is paid off. Or If you still owe on your primary residency, for example you have a 500k loan on your primary residency, (1 million + 500k) in net...
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    Rich people make me angry!!

    Rich people make you angry...aren't you the one who said your entire family drives Mercedes-Benzes?