Head Gear Reviews by skwrl
  1. SONY MDR-XB90EX | In-Ear EXTRA BASS Headphones (Japanese Import)

    4.00 star(s)
    Waited a while to write this, wanted to give them some burn in time. Thoughts haven't changed though.   Just wanted to let people know this does not have the best clarity. Don't get me wrong, it's very good, and I think worth the money. The bass is HUGE (provided you get a good seal), with minimal sacrifice of other freqs; I get a little nauseous if I turn it up on something too bass heavy (and I love/need bass). However, there is definitely noticeable lack of clarity in highs and mids. AKA: sounds a little muddy. Again, good sounds, and wide...
  2. Monoprice 8320 IEM

    2.50 star(s)
    First off, I got the 9963's, because there were lots of comments about how it's the better deal. Got these because of all the head-fi rave, but they sound mediocre to me at best. Honestly, I'm not audiophile, and my hearing has been getting noticeably worse as of late, but these sound no different from my beat up MDR-J10s. Could be just me, but I was really disappointed after all the hype. I felt NO punch from the bass, and the build quality is no different than those mdrs. The driver enclosure is big on me (and I have pretty average size ears)...