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North Andover, MA
Music, computers, reading, watching sports, family activities
Headphone Inventory
* Kaldas Conquest RR-1 (Premium version)
* Sennheiser HD-600
* Sennheiser HD-660
* Oppo PM-3
* Audioquest Nighthawk Carbon (on perma-loan)
* Master & Dynamic MH-40
* B&W P5-S2
* Skullcandy Aviators (on perma-loan)
* Senn 414
* Several Etymotic's which i don't really use due to tough fit in my ear canals
* Some others....
Headphone Amp Inventory
Straight Amps
* Bottlehead Crack w/Speedball
* Geshelli Erish
* Schiit Vali (on perma-loan)
* AV123 X-Head (on perma-loan)

Amp/DAC Combo's (also in sources)
* Matrix Mini-i Pro 3
* Sabaj DA-3
* Lotoo S1
Source Inventory
* Rega P3-24 w/Elys II and Rega TT-PS

Digital Sources
* Mivera PureMusic (all in one amp/DAC/streamer, modified to use an Orchard Audio Pecan Pi streamer/DAC board set)
* Mivera PureMusic Mk 2 (all in one amp/DAC/streamer w/optical network interface)
* Waversa WSlim (all in one amp/DAC/streamer)
* Lumin X-1
* Orchard Audio Pecan Pi (streamer/DAC) - 4 of them, 2 in cases , 1 board set in Mivera unit above,
and one with Pi board to be installed in a case or other amp unit.
* Geshelli Enog 2
* Auralic Aries Mini
* Elac Discovery DS-C101W-G Roon endpoint (given to my son)
* DIY RoPieee Roon Endpoint with IQDAC
* DIY Volumio Pi streamer with IQDAC +
* Neko D-100 Mk II
* Lotoo S1
* Sabaj DA-3
* Squeezebox Touch
* Pioneer BDP 80 FD SACD player

* Xduoo X-10
Cable Inventory
* Audio Envy Ocean
* Signal Cable Magic
* ChiFi OCC cord
* Pangea 14Gauge
* Eupen filtered cord (several)
* Misc other

* Audio Envy O’nestian 4:4 XLR (multiple sets)
* Neotech UPOCC Silver XLR
* Neotech UPOCC Silver-plated Copper RCA
* ELF Custom Cable Super Helix Silver RCA IC's
* Aural Thrills ACS (passive) and ACS (opamp active) RCA
* Chinese knock-off of Nordost Odin XLR - surprisingly good for cheap-***** money!
* Bunch of digital (coax and AES/EBU)

* Black Cat - Ghostwire Silver
* ELF Super Helix Silver
* DIY Furutech Alpha 36
* Audio Envy NV-SP7 and NV-SP11
* Schmitt Audio OCC Copper cables
* Choseal (ChiFi) OCC cables
* SVS copper cables
* Aural Thrills UByte (Thorsten Leosch design)
* Audiogon seller aintitgr8 silver plated cable
* Kimber 4TC
* Some inexpensive but decent solid core silver & copper (2 sets) cables found on Audiogon

* Wireworld Starlight 7
* Wireworld Silver Starlight 7
Power-Related Components
* Puritan Audio Labs PM156 (2 of them)
* Silver Circle Audio Juice Box One
* Core Power Technologies Model 150
* Triphazer (pigtail)
* Triphazer (power strip)
* Tripp-Lite IS250
Other Audio Equipment
* Mivera Puremusic Streamer/DAC/Amp (modified to use an Orchard Audio Pecan Pi streamer/DAC board set)
* Mivera Puremusic Mk 2 Streamer/DAC/Amp (new DAC, optical network input)
* Waversa WSlim Streamer/DAC/Amp
* Orchard Audio Starkrimson Ultra GaN amplifier
* Class D Audio Mini GaN 5 amp
* A small Chinese TPA3255 chip amp from eBay that puts out almost 300wpc and sounds pretty good for the tiny money spent (< $100 with brick PS)
* Several other small but good sounding digital integrateds
* Panasonic XR-57 receiver
* Onkyo TR-616

* Evoke Audio Eddie
* Fyne F500SP
* Neat Iota Alpha
* Gallo Strada 2's & two TR-1 Subs
* NEAR 15M's (perma-loan to my son)
* Rogersound Lab's CG5's
* Multiple Gallo A'Diva Ti 's, and either old Infinity Servo Sub or one of two Gallo Passive Subs (original sphere model or downward-firing cylinder model)
* NEAR M50me's
* Martin-Logan Motion 4's
* Rat Shack LX-5 II's
* Modded Rat Shack LX-5's (original)
* Rat Shack LX-4's
* NEAR outdoor speakers
* Emotiva Airmotiv 4 active Speakers
Audio-Related Tweaks
* Intona USB Isolator
* Schiit Wyrd
* ERS paper
* Audio Resolution shelves
* Various footers: wood, brass, ceramic, graphite, polymer, cork/rubber
* Michael Greene Roomtunes
* Silclear, Caig, anti-static wipes, etc etc.
Music Preferences
* Folk, Acoustic, Classic & Modern Rock, Electronic, some World, lots of Alternative, some modern and older Jazz. Big on Female Vox
Data Warehousing & Business Intelligence


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