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    Help!!! Would appreciate some advice guys...From Zeus Xr (adel) to Legend X

    I havent heard zeus, but Angie have pretty awesome mid and vocal and you can change the bass setting. But I dont think the resolution and detail come close to Zeus. I read somewhere Rhapsodio Solar is the upgrade from Angie
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    crinacle's IEM Ranking List

    No, dont. Dont pair Kann with Andromeda. Horrible hiss covering the details. I had both once.
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    Meet The FiiO M7: An Exynos 7270-Powered HiFi Music Player

    Tried this player yesterday. Its quite good. Nice screen, good build quality, great UI, neutral to warmish sound. Made me wonder what Fiio will bring as X7ii successor.
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    Advanced AcousticWerkes W900 Hybrid Flagship Thread

    I read somewhere that someone tried the new update of AW900 at Canjam. Their Instagram also says AW900 have better new stock cable.
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    Astell & Kern AK70 MKII with dual DAC

    Its not that bad I guess. Maybe just a matter of taste. I do like neutral-revealing signature and AK70ii is still sounds good to me. You might want to look Plenue R. Cheaper yet really good SQ; neutral-revealing with great soundstage and separation.
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    The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

    I ask someone to change the connector. He is a good custom cable builder. The litz sounds a bit richer than the stock.
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    The Official 64 Audio Thread | apex & tia Technologies

    I have the U18, wow, just wow. Love the transparency and detail. Big jump from Layla, but loses some thickness. Separation and soundstage is better than Layla. At first the detail is too much for me then I switched to M20 and Alo Litz terminated to 2 pin, balanced. I found the perfect sweet...
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    Incoming Astell & Kern New: A&futura and A&norma

    What bother me a lot is this kind of product above $1000 only have 1 year warranty
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    Sony NW-ZX300

    I sold the ZX300, after that Plenue R. I have WM1a now. Yes, true, the bass is kinda thin but good clarity. ZX300 have superior texture though..
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    Sony NW-ZX300

    I had Plenue R and ZX300, Plenue R is the clearer and have more detail than zx300. You can use machbass to elevate the bass, pretty good i guess.
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    Sony NW-ZX300

    And get to past the 14 days return window.
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    Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

    I decided to open the isine 20 from the box after owning it for a week. Glad I have the V2 cable. So far, I really like it. They are great addition beside my Layla. Was shock hearing the 20s without EQ for the first time. The EQ turns the 20s into very different beast! Layla is like you are...
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    Cowon Plenue R - All Round Player

    For me, zx300 wins the soundstage. It has better sense of 3d ness and realism but soundstage is bit smaller. Wm1a and plenue r comes follow. Plenue r has same width with wm1a but wm1a has better depth. For detail and clarity, wm1a and plenue r really close. Plenue R feels more detailed due to...
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    Cowon Plenue R - All Round Player

    Just got my Plenue R. Compared to WM1a, no slouch! WM1a bit smooth, more depth, same wide soundstage. The Plenue R is bit brighter, thinner than WM1a and more detailed. Really close in terms of SQ. Compared it using Layla. Balanced on Plenue R, SE on WM1a.
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    Sony NW-ZX300

    I prefer the simple adapter than the pigtail. I remember I tried a very expensive pigtail adapter and compared it to simple adapter. The simple adapter sounds good, no degradation and coloratin. The pigtail adapter sounded more congested and added a bit warmth. The pigtail has more complex...