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    My wooden rack

    Thanks Pabbi1 good advice I will just let the wood do its thing and act accordingly. I have a 1989 les paul standard with tobacco sunburst maple face actually funny you should mention it with the arch its pretty thick.
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    My wooden rack

    Pabbi1 do you have any tips for working with the birdseye maple ? I have some on the way Handpick Exotic Wood Online - Bell Forest Products Im just making a small mount for little hand crank musical movement. What did you find worked well finishing wise also ? thanks its nice work btw I would...
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    We Got Ti Kan (AMB) an HD800!

    Paid up sinwerm slot 103 edit (just re-reading the thread ; wow we are an orderly bunch it's nice to see this these days people promise something and stand behind it , im feeling a bit proud of this group of DIYer's) I did not expect anything less.
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    Patron of an RA1 Clone

    He did not say he bought one , just that one is arriving , he may want to listen and compare. I wonder how many who actually built the clone really have listend to the manufacured one for themselves. Sounds cool to me.
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    So you think you can DIY.....

    I am in total awe. Every tool has a use and the nuance of the movements would take years and years to ever learn properly , perhaps the best example available today of the blending of art and science. I am glad to see this type of thing still practiced , so much more soulfull than a machine...
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    Hornet 'M' or Mini³? - a(nother) review

    Very good point about the gain vorlon1 , mine is the default from AMBs design 5x , with the most he reccomeds being 8x on the website. Listenting to my main phones now (HD-580) dead silent on max volume no noise or hiss. Just did a quick test of the KOSS KCS 75 I have handy (obviously much lower...
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    Hornet 'M' or Mini³? - a(nother) review

    Wonderfull review webbie64. I built a high performance Mini^3 for myself and the sound quality is fantastic (cost for home-built is about 90 usd depending on parts chosen ect...minus the faceplate from AMB which I did opt for). Just a note about the hiss you mention , mine doesnt have any also...
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    Help! Broke my MF X-Can V2!

    Check the power supply as stated by Migroo and mrarroyo. The Jameco is the way to really though , perfect fit no soldering and a boost in power I use it myself Here is the link to the part number and some info about it
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    Custom Pimeta Case *pics*

    I think it's a fine looking case , that and we see so little real wood used in cases these days or for that matter in any reasonably priced products , all plastics and metals (usually cheap). To me it harkens to the americana and amateur art of the past that goes for big money now and that I...
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    The "mod your Zhalou" Thread

    I took the caps out for good tonight and used some scrap 26gauge silver solid core wire I had left over for the LOD I made for my ipod (Mini3 sounds fantastic btw). Im now getting 53mv on the right channel and still about 50mv on the left with the AD board , is that passable ? Im thinking I...
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    The "mod your Zhalou" Thread

    Thanks much guys , I will check this as soon as I get the chance. Been busy building a Mini3. I have a feeling your right about the wonky soldering since at the time I only jumpered them and did not remove the caps totally , meaning to at a later date. Again thanks.
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    Musical Fidelity X-DAC v3: First Impressions

    If your looking for a little "boost" for even more bang for the buck than check out Pink Floyds site if you have not as of yet. It has all things Music Fidelity. A custom made PSU should be available. I have an X-Can V2 with just about all of the mods and it sounds fantastic give it a look...
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    The Mini³ v2 is out!

    Quote: Originally Posted by TheRobbStory I ordered all the parts for mine last night from AMB/Mouser. This should be a fun, quick build. I'm very eager to try my hand at some SMD. Just made my order for the parts from amb (he has the "high-performance" opamps in stock now). Going...
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    Alps blue velvet from VT4C?

    I have not bought pots from them but the silver wire they sell and the RCA interconnects are very nice. Just be prepared to wait about 10 days or so , at least for me in NY. Also the ordering process is a bit tedious. If you look on the tweaks and pointers page he has a killer 8way braid...