Head Gear Reviews by silvrr
  1. iFi Audio micro iDSD

    3.00 star(s)
    INTRODUCTION:   When I decided to sell my Chord Mojo the iDSD was one of the units that got put on my list to research more.  If you have a box to check, the spec sheet of the iDSD BL probably does it.  Super High PCM sample rates, check, DSD, check, absurd wattage output, check, optical, USB, coax and analog inputs, check.  On top of that iFi follows some great design and build practices, high quality material and parts are standard on every iFi product I've seen to date.     With my past AMP/DAC being truly portable with the Mojo and my current...
  2. JDS Labs The Element

    4.50 star(s)
      INTRODUCTION: As much as I like the idea of a separate amp and DAC having a all in one solution is really nice.  I setup to listen in a few places in my house and only having to grab a single unit and a single power cord is nice.  This is how I ended up with the Chord Mojo, a portable solution with desktop performance.   When I had The Element in house as part of another review, I asked for some extra time to do a review and compare it to my Mojo.  The Element is $230 cheaper than the Mojo and uses a more traditional DAC but initial listening...
  3. MrSpeakers ETHER C

    5.00 star(s)
      Introduction: I first heard the Ether back in August of 2015, I'm not sure if the Ether Cs were even announced back then.  I like what I heard but I was already starting to look for a set of closed back cans and kinda ruled out the Ether.  Almost a year later and I am in the position to by a top of the line set of cans and the Ether C is on my radar.  I spent a lot of time reading comparisons of the Ether and Ether C and decided to bite the bullet and buy a pair.  I was not disappointed.  I loved my ZMFs but after a quick initial comparison they...
  4. Sennheiser HD 800 S

    4.50 star(s)
      Introduction: I have had the chance to listen to the HD800 a few times at local Head-Fi meets. However, I have never got a good chance to listen to them, either the person who owned them didn’t have any music I could reference off of or the background noise was way to high at the meets.  However, in the time I did spend with the HD800 I found that I really liked it for some music, the HD800 had incredible clarity and soundstage.  When Todd posted the loaner program for the HD800S, I jumped at the chance to have an extended listen.  The HD800...
  5. Chord Electronics Mojo

    4.50 star(s)
      Introduction: I made some changes just before I was sent the Mojo for review that really made this review into a David vs. Goliath and old vs. new matchup.  The mojo is the latest technology, fits in the palm of your hand and runs off a battery.  My Zdac and Lyr 2 setup is big, hot, sucks power from the wall and relies on older technology.  The Zdac was released in early 2013 and the Lyr relies on tubes which have been around since the beginning of the 1900s.   I really enjoyed my short time with the Mojo and want to say thanks to Todd for...