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    [SOLD] HD6XX

    another price drop.
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    [SOLD] HD6XX

    Sorry only have the cables listed.
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    [SOLD] HD6XX

    So the massdrop site lists "6 ft." for the cable in the specs. That is the 'longer' cable. That was the orignal spec for the drop but the first batch shipped with a ~4 foot cable. Massdrop made it right and shipped everyone a 6' cable.
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    [SOLD] Bottlehead Crack (choke and cap upgrade) - $250

    Bottlehead Crack with Triad Choke upgrade and Audyn output cap upgrade and extra tubes. $250 shipped to the US48. What you get: Bottlehead Crack w/ choke and cap upgrade RCA 6080 tube Stock input tube (unknown type / brand) 12AU7 input tube (unknown brand) 6AS7G / 6H13C tube ( unknown...
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    [SOLD] Bottlehead crack w/ Speedball

    Putting my crack + speedball up for sale. Fantastic amp with the HD6## line of headphones but I really prefer the laid back nature of a non-speedball crack. What you get: Bottle Head Crack w/ speedball (fully built) Power Cord Raytheon 6AS7G tube Unknown (stock) input tube Price is shipped...
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    {Closed}Bottlehead Crack w/ Choke Upgrade and Extra Tubes

    I found another crack with speedball for a great price so selling this crack. What you get: Bottlehead Crack with wood base (Triad C7-X Choke added) (2) Input tubes (I think both are 12au7) (1) RCA 6080 (stock tube) (1) Raytheon 6AS7G Boxes for 3 of the 4 tubes as shown (boxes are a bit...
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    SOLD: Focal Elear or any 1/4 to dual 3.5 mono Headphone Cable

    Just as a heads up, I am out of town for the next few days. I will be back Friday and can ship Friday if the cable is purchased.
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    SOLD: HD6XX balanced cable

    A couple inches over 6 foot.
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    SOLD: Focal Elear or any 1/4 to dual 3.5 mono Headphone Cable

    7+ feet. I can get an exact measurement later if needed.
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    Sold: Balanced 4 pin to 1/4 adapter

    Balanced (4 pin) to 1/4 adapter. Balanced 4 pin jack is Neutrik 1/4 inch jack is amphenol Wire is sleeved in black sleeving