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    Sydney meet anyone?

    I'm on the North Shore, I have NAD c542, Senn HD650's, Ety Er4p, so depending when and where i may be interested.
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    Most cleverly hidden tracks...

    At the drive-in had a secret track between 2 tracks on an album, can't remember what album or what tracks though.
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    Valley of the Giants (GYBE + Broken Social Scene)

    Ohh sounds good, I shall pick my self up a copy ASAP...if its out that is...Is it out? EDIT: I see now that it is out, thanks for the heads up
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    How much interest in Sydney, Australia, meet?

    Yeah I'll probably come along and bring my phones with me, I don't know if Basement Hi-Fi would be willing but by all means give them a try, it would be good if they did but they didn't seem too happy with me, but the audio guy is pretty cool about stuff, its just the other guy who seemed quite...
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    Nora Jones

    Its due the the engineer / engineers assistant to set the levels going to tape, thats of course if thats where the problem lies. It could be that Norah may have sang louder whilst recording than she did when they tested the levels, or it could be the fact that that was her best performance so...
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    HDCD Music

    I looked through the HDCD site that was posted before and it lists Sigur Ros's () album as being a HDCD, mine however is not Looks like im gonna have to go searching to try and find a HDCD copy. p.s. Oh by the way the 650's and C542 are awesome!
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    Australians looking for HD650

    Congrats on your NAD C542, I'll be picking mine up when I get my 650's glad to know they are sitting there waiting for me! I have yet to go into Retravision since the flood of Head-Fi-ers have been in, so i'm interested to what they will say to me about it. Boys and Girls as you can...
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    Australians looking for HD650

    I'll let the salesman know someone else might be coming in looking for the same kind of deal. Sadly it may look like i'll be picking these up on Monday!!!! because of work DAMMIT!!
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    Australians looking for HD650

    Hehe sorry guys been busy, well sadly the 650's got delayed on their way to Retravision (near the QVB) in the city. So alas I don't currently have them, but they have assured me that they will be coming in tomorrow. I'll be picking the 650's and 542 up then at the moment he's said $1020, but...
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    Australians looking for HD650

    At the moment I don't have the NAD but it will be coming very very I haven't started twisting salesman's arms yet. I did get a rather good deal on the NAD C542, 76cm wide-screen HD sony, Whatmough P21's and a NAD DVD player all for just under $5000, which was a saving of about $1600, but I don;t...
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    Australians looking for HD650

    Yeah exactly I wasn't sure, anyway now after talking with Wickidelectrical for 5 mins trying to prove that i could get the 650's for $590 they agreed to do $575 so i think i'm going to go pick up a pair on monday. Huzzah. Which will mean i've spent 1000 on headphones in 2 weeks!!!
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    Australians looking for HD650

    Are the prices on Meier in Euros or in US dollars? And does anyone know if i would have to pay import tax if i ordered from there?
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    Australians looking for HD650

    bumpity bump
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    D-777 or MZR50?

    Well I already have an R-55 which to me does sound quite bright, and at the moment I have been using 7506's with them, the sound is ok but nothing spectacular. My other portable source is a sony D-EJ625, which is pathetic. At the moment I have a choice to buy either to pair up with my new...
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    Just Ordered Ety er4p

    Just ordered some Ety's after wanting a pair for ages!!! Should be a slight step up from my 7506's Can't wait to receive them!!!!! Sorry just had to vent my Joy!!!!