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    DC Area Head-Fi Meet Planning (ongoing)

    JS Audio, Gifted Listener and Gramophone are a few stores in the area. Though if you're looking to connect with people locally, highly recommend talking to @willsw and getting over to Linear Tube Audio. He might be able to help you with your cable issue and show you a few headphones and high-end...
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    Cavalli Liquid Crimson 230v

    Avenson Audio, who supports maintenance and repair of legacy Cavalli products, can convert to 120V. I sent them an email in May and this was confirmed.
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    [Sold] Gungnir MB A2 G5

    New Bifrost 2 is working well for me, so selling my Gungnir Multibit A2 (USA plug, 115VAC): Price includes shipping and PayPal fees.
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    [Closed] SPL Phonitor E

    Phonitor E for sale was just purchased. Same story as the Gilmore Lite - this is not how my planar journey ends. However there are significant upgrades here, relative the Headamp - more power, clarity and driver control. Unlike the phrase too often said, here it is true - you will likely hear...
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    [Sold] Headamp Gilmore Lite mk2

    Item up for sale is Headamp Gilmore Lite mk2, recently purchased Oct 3, 2019. I am on a planar journey, and this amplifier - though very good - is not my end. Thanks for looking!
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    FS: Meier Audio Corda Rock (black, ff-upgrade)

    Item up for sale is the Meier Audio Corda Rock, solid state amplifier with ƒƒ-technology upgrade. If you have not heard of the technology, it essentially equalizes certain frequencies based on human perception of sound: It is a good...
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    [Sold] HeadRoom Desktop Millet Hybrid Amp

    Item for sale is actually a few pieces. Up first is the amplifier, known as the Desktop Millet Hybrid Amp, which was a collaboration between HeadRoom, under the direction of Tyll Hertsens, and designer Pete Millett (please, don’t ask why the amplifier name is spelled differently). If you have...
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    DC Area Head-Fi Meet Planning (ongoing)

    The level of headphone participation has varied from year-to-year. But please come join the group, sure to by nearby the LTA table. A few of the regulars will be there, and it seems there will be plenty to see and hear!
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    [Sold] Monolith by Monoprice Liquid Platinum Balanced Headphone

    Not sure what photos to take - let me know if there is anything you'd like to see. Amplifier is clean, and spends most its life in the original packing. Purchased in February, 2019. I unpacked it to take these pictures. Price will include all stock materials, shipping and fees.
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    Gilmore Lite Amp Owners Unite!

    I'm between around 8 and 10, and I have not noticed anything odd with the movement.
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    [Sold] Holo Audio Cyan (PCM)

    A few pictures attached:
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    [Sold] Verum 1 (Carbon texture with Silver grill)

    Not a whole lot to say about these headphones - these are the real deal in planar. Detail is perhaps a step below HiFiMan HE-5 or Sennheiser resolution. Price includes PayPal and shipping - original headphone, cable, and stock pads. Pics shown with MrSpeakers Ether C angled pads, which...
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    [Sold] Holo Audio Cyan (PCM)

    Selling Holo Cyan with PCM module and balanced headphone output. Original owner. Used only at home as a pre-amplifier/DAC source for a speaker setup. Today, I’m using a dedicated pre-amp and DAC, so my Cyan is for sale. If you are interested, I also own the Singxer SU-1, USB digital interface...
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    Rank the DACs you have tried

    Some of these I've only heard briefly, and others I owned (*) or at the time I wrote the list, still owned (**). Even at the level of Chord Hugo 2 and Metrum Amethyst, there's enough variation to warrant a good listening session. I could listen to Hugo all day, but I'm not too particular about...
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    WTB EC BW , 220V

    I suspect it is already sold, but did you try this person: