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    A little about the Shozy Alien

    Thanks for your reply! Maybe I'll take a shot at the Shozy. That gold one looks mighty enticing at the price they have it on null-audio.   Just sent an email to null-audio asking them whether the Gold Edition is in any way different than the regular one other than the color. Does anyone know...
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    The Fiio X5 Thread

    I was wondering whether any of you had encountered any problems with the microSD cards in the X5. Kingston, Sandisk, Samsung cards should all be ok, no?
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    FiiO X5 preview world tour--tour members, claim your souvenir for the X5 tour! p.123

    The Fiio's going to cost 350€ everywhere in Europe, no? Although I saw that it was more expensive on the german Fiio site.   Then again, if mp4nation's going to sell it for 350$, then that is a pretty big difference. Personally, I'd rather have a shop in my vicinity that can help me if I have...
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    The Fiio X5 Thread

    Another option are the Aurisonics Rockets which can be had for 150$ until Sunday on Kickstarter. 5 year warranty on them too, although no replaceable cable...
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    Aurisonics ROCKETS: Impressions Thread

    Well the 5 year warranty and lifetime guarantee sort of makes up for that, no?
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    Alternative(s) to my GR07BE?

    If you're worried about build quality, the Aurisonics Rockets might be worth considering if you can wait. There are some very promising impressions out there:   Seems like they...
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    Aurisonics ROCKETS: Impressions Thread

    I'm not sure if everyone saw this thread where the ASG-1s are said to be superior to the Rockets, the difference being mainly in the soundstage:   Maybe the link should be added...
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    The Fiio X5 Thread

    Personally I love the design, I really don't know what people are complaining about...
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    Is selling my iPod touch 4g for an iPod Classic (6g or 7g) worth it?

    Quote: I know you know what an EQ is. But maybe the OP doesn't know exactly what you mean by that. Imo it's kind of misleading if you say an EQ app will improve the SQ even if you're talking about "perceived" SQ, since it's not necessarily the case. Just making sure the "junior...
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    Hisoundaudio ROCOO BA - Superior Hi-Fi player for Ciem's & Iem's

    Quote:   Well yes, the RoCoo BA may be a good enough source that it does not need an amp. However average_joe pointed out that iPod+amp>RoCoo BA in terms of SQ. I know most of you are happy listening to music directly from your RoCoo BA, however with my phones (Phiaton PS200) a little...
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    Hisoundaudio ROCOO BA - Superior Hi-Fi player for Ciem's & Iem's

    Quote:   Hey, was sondering if there was a significant difference between iPod + amp vs. RoCoo BA + amp. Already own an Arrow amp with a pair of Phiaton PS200 and have them hooked to an old iPod 3G. Am thinking about upgrading my source to a newer device w/ line out capabilities...
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    Oh where, oh where has my slim Arrow gone, oh where, oh where can it be?

    To answer your questions:   1. Yes, we all had to wait for some time, but that was expected. 2. The german postal service is not that reliable, i can tell you from experience. Plus, if you paid for standard shipping (less than 5€), you can't expect tracking service. 3. About Robert not...
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    Oh where, oh where has my slim Arrow gone, oh where, oh where can it be?

    Well, i know why he's not on this forum anymore. Used to be actually, it's an old story we wouldn't want to dig back up.   Btw, i didn't know he didn't like to write in English, maybe he'd be more talkative if i write in German. Worth a try.
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    Headstage Arrow HE: Reviews, Impressions, Perceptions & Sensations

    Guys, guys, now don't get jealous, no need to justify your purchase of the OLD Arrow... Robert talked to me about the new generation about 2 months ago, but told me to keep it secret, so i knew all along...   The price is the same, just more features i guess, he didn't tell me about the...
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    Arrow 12HE

    Try this e-mail address:   He usually answers pretty promptly to me, but he has amps to build too...   You just need to be patient w/ Robert, he's a one-man-company, so if you're not willing to deal w/ that, then yes, go for the Slim, even though it's more expensive...