Shane D
Old, fat guy that couldn't live without music.

My old gear was: B&W P5's (gen 1), ATH-M50X's, Oppo PM3's, Sennheiser HD6XX's, Senn HD58X's, Fostex TH-610's, Senn HD598C's, Senn HD600's (2X), Grado SR325e's, NightOwl Carbon's, Koss ESP/E95X system, Sony MDR-Z7's, Cavalli LCX, Sony NWZ-A17, HiFiman HE4XX's, Burson Fun-Classic/Vivid, Topping NX3s, Meze 99 Classic's, Schiit Vali 2, Topping D30, Loxjie P20, SMSL SP200, Xduoo TA-20, HiFiman Sundara's, Beyerdynamic T5p Gen. 2's, Audeze LCD-2 Classic's, Fidelio X2HR's, Shure 1540's, Monoprice M570's, FiiO A5, MAD Ear+ HDII and iFi Micro iCAN SE.
Halifax, NS
Music, reading, tech and cars.
Headphone Inventory
HiFiman HE6se V2's, Grado GH2's, Senn HD6XX's, Focal Elex's, Beyer T5's 3rd gen., CFA Cascades, HiFiman Edition XX's, T60 Argon's, Senn HD660's and ATH-WP900's.
Headphone Amp Inventory
Cavalli Liquid Spark, Little Dot MKIII, Liquid Platinum, Violectric HPA V220 and iFi iCAN Pro
Source Inventory
iPod Classic 160GB, Sony NW-ZX300 and MSI laptop.
Cable Inventory
Stock, plus a few 4.4mm balanced cables and XLR cables. And now I have HAC cables/connectors
Power-Related Components
SMSL SU-8 DAC and now a Bifrost 2 DAC.
Other Audio Equipment
Yamaha receiver and a pair of Axiom M60's in living room. Vanatoo Transparent Zeroes active speakers in office.
Music Preferences
New rock, Classic rock, some pop, Motown, blues and a growing appreciation for jazz.


Current: Sony NW-ZX300, iPod Classic (160GB), SMSL SU-8, Schiit Bifrost 2, Schiit Loki, Liquid Spark, Liquid Platinum, Little Dot MKIII, Violectric HPA V220, iFi iCAN Pro, HiFiman HE6se V2's, Senn HD660's, Beyer DT880's (600OHM), Audio Technica ATH-WP900's, Grado GH2's, Fostex T60 Argons, Hifiman Drop Edition XX's, CFA Cascade's, Monolith M1570's, Beyer T5's and Focal Elex's.