Shane D
Old, fat guy that couldn't live without music.

My history is: B&W P5's (gen 1), ATH-M50X's, Oppo PM3's, Sennheiser HD6XX's twice), Senn HD58X's, Fostex TH-610's, Senn HD598C's, Beyer T5 3rd. Gen, Beyer DT880's (600OHM), Senn HD600's (twice), Grado SR325e's, NightOwl Carbon's, Monoprice M1570's, Koss ESP/E95X system, Sony MDR-Z7's, Cavalli LCX, Sony NWZ-A17, HiFiman HE4XX's, Burson Fun-Classic/Vivid, Topping NX3s, Meze 99 Classic's, Schiit Vali 2, Topping D30, Loxjie P20, SMSL SP200, Xduoo TA-20, Audio Technica WP900's, Senn HD660's, HiFiman Sundara's, LSA HP-2's, Beyerdynamic T5p Gen. 2's, Audeze LCD-2 Classic's, little Dot MKIII, Fidelio X2HR's, Shure 1540's, Drop Edition XX's, Focal Elegia's, Monoprice M570's, FiiO A5, MAD Ear+ HDII, Monoprice Liquid Platinum and iFi Micro iCAN SE.
Halifax, NS
Music, reading, tech and cars.
Headphone Inventory
HiFiman HE6se V2's, HiFiman HE-R9's, Grado GH2's, Focal Elex's, Grado Hemp's, CFA Cascades, iBasso SR2's, T60 Argon's, Focal Radiance and Focal Elegia's.
Headphone Amp Inventory
Cavalli Liquid Spark, Xduoo MT-602, Violectric HPA V220, iFi iCAN Pro and Little Dot MK9
Source Inventory
iPod Classic 160GB, Sony NW-ZX300 and MSI laptop.
Cable Inventory
Stock, plus a few 4.4mm balanced cables and XLR cables. And now I have HAC cables/connectors
Power-Related Components
SMSL SU-8 DAC and now a Bifrost 2 DAC.
Other Audio Equipment
Yamaha receiver and a pair of Axiom M60's in living room. Vanatoo Transparent Zeroes active speakers in office.
Music Preferences
New rock, Classic rock, some pop, Motown, blues and a growing appreciation for jazz.


Office: SMSL SU-8, Liquid Spark and Vanatoo T0's
Mobile: 7th gen iPod Classic (160GB) and Sony NW-ZX300
Main system: Schiit Bifrost 2, Schiit Loki, Violectric V220, iFi Pro iCAN, Xduoo MT-602 (For Sale), Little Dot MK9, HiFiman HE6se V2's, HiFiman HE-R9's, Grado GH2's, Grado Hemp's, Fostex T60 Argon's, CFA Cascade's, Focal Radiance's, iBasso SR2's and Focal Elex's.