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    I'm not rich and not a big spender; I am just an audiophile!!!

    i think audiophile just means music enthusiast, money and gear doesnt really count against you (think car enthusiastwith honda civic)
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    I'm not rich and not a big spender; I am just an audiophile!!!

    Yesterday our living room flat screen broke and my mom was watching the one in the master room. My  dad wanted to watch the olympics and came to my room to use my tv (i dont have He looks at me and says where is your tv. I told him i never bought one. He looks at me like "What is...
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    Non-audiophile reactions to high-end headphones

    i remember a couple of months ago my dad brought a friend over and he was bragging of how he was great because he had the most expensive bose at best buy. I turned around and rolled my eyes; then my dad said how I had this audio obsession. The guy said no way it was more expensive then his. My...
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    beyer dt880 vs t70

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    beyer dt880 vs t70

    I have been looking in the forums for a long time for a direct comparison of the beyer t70 vs the dt880, especially about the vocals and bass, but have yet to find any thing other than the fact that the t70 are more detailed than the dt880.From what I am reading it seems like a closed dt880 with...
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    You know you're an audiophile when...

    when ur headphone cable is longer than 10ft
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    given stx, best setup for ~$1500?

    morug, dont listen to those people who say that the stx sound card is not enough for the hd650. Though it is true that a better amp can make the hd650 sound a lot better, the stx sound card from my knowledge is more than enough to drive it properly. Many of the people that say it is not enough...
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    Confused by versions of the beyerdynamic dt880

    check this out, all credit goes to zombiex   i dont think beyer changed their model since 2005  
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    Entry level Headphone

    the hd25 is good for your tock and mpb at 200usd, but its not he most comfortable thing in the world   dt770 are also good if u care about comfort but mids are a little recessed to me if u cared a...
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    looking for first good headphones around $150

    u know u could get the basic hd25; it has great prat and bass. Plus they run pretty well on ipod without amping
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    Sennheiser Cable for the HD650

    dude i just saw this and i think it will be helpful to u
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    Sennheiser Cable for the HD650

    im also a noob on making cable, but i know from doing some research that for the   connectors to the 650 should be the cardas ones(its higher quality than original jacks)...
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    What are the top 5 most innovative headphone designs ever?

    stax 009, hd650, akg 1000, lcd 3, and akg 702
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    Lookin for some new over the ear headphones, they are gonna be the first ones I will get. Help is really appreciated.

    sennheiser 598 is "the" most comfortable headphone(even more than my hd 650), but its open
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    fiio e17 speculations?

    sry if im a noob but about when is the e17 going to be avaliable?