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    Comment by 'shafat' in article 'The Audiophile Scene in a Developing Country - FUN READ'

    মারাত্নোক লিখেছেন। :D what is the name of the group? It'd be great to be joined with them. And again, I've just decided to buy a portable DAC for listening hi-res music and you won't believe what i'm being through. Yes, right now, too much harassment. I've ordered a tiny smartwatch from amazon...
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    which smartphone to choose?

    soooo, using headphone amp. iphone  is still the better option?
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    which smartphone to choose?

    which smartphone to choose among iphone 6, zte axon, vivo xplay 5, gionee elife 8, nexus  6 or nokia lumia?  Obviously clear audio quality matters here, nothing other than this matters.  
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