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Marketing. Sales. Operations. Toilet cleaning. Whatever someone will give me money for.

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    Marketing. Sales. Operations. Toilet cleaning. Whatever someone will give me money for.
    Headphone Inventory:
    BeyerT1's. Grado: ***PS1000, Yes, put me in that box, love Grado. Like but Dustballed: 325is, sr80, iGrado.
    LCD-2*r2** #1 Yeah.
    Ultrasone: . ****900Pro with F7/E9 at work. Like, but Dustballed: HiFi 580. 750 Pro
    Sennheiser: the white iPod ones. 280 (gave to spouse), 380 (rarely listen). (Closed)
    Sony: V6. Nice for the electric piano.
    Dustballed: Etymotic: 6 something. not sure but I they are a bit harsh and uncomfortable.
    ****Denon AH-D5000 my main squeeze when the spouse has the TV on.
    **Klipsch S4i (for gym with rockboxed Clip+, GREAT bass)
    Dustballed: Bose earbuds with black/white cable. Heresy to like bose but these are a good muzak phone when you t want aural penetration but still need to hear outside.
    **Yuin PK3 to listen to my laptop in bed when spouse sleeps, not music generally, just videos.

    *indicates the ones I currently listen to a lot
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Dustballed: Cute Beyond + supplier +bb627 op amps. (Noisy, hard sounding despite 3 attempts at op amp rolling.)
    Love it, but Dustballed since I got the Lyr: LD MK3. Mullard 8015 drivers.
    ***Schiit Lyr
    ***Apogee Duet DAC.
    ***Fiio F7 + E9
    ****Playback software on Mac: Audirvana. (iTunes is grainy and dark).
    ****Playback software on PC: Foobar
    Source Inventory:
    CD, Apple Lossless, AAC, MP3, FLAC.
    Cable Inventory:
    The fewer the better.
    OK, I have a special order Milland Cable for the Usone 900's sounds great, but the fabric wrap is pretty microphonic.
    Have ordered an output cable from Blue Jeans for my Apogee Duet. Update: It IS a HUGE upgrade!
    Everything else comes from Monoprice. Using Coax for Audio rocks. (Stiffly).
    Power-Related Components:
    Voltage regulators and conditioners
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Hell seriously? Isn't there a character limit on these things? Krell, Nakamichi, Martin-Logan... sorry I'm already bored.
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Yep, been there done that.
    Music Preferences:
    20/21st Century Classical. Synth Pop. Trance. Punk. Vocals.
    Lets not talk religion.
    Who cares?
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