Seth Warshavsky
Have a passion for collecting watches and a disease for collecting personal audio gear.
collecting watches, and collecting high end personal audio gear (not necessarily portable)
Collecting Watches and Traveling
Headphone Inventory
JH Layla's, Westone ES5's, Shure 846's, Hifi Man HE1000's, Audeze LCD 4's, Focal Utopias, Empire Ears Zeus R, Westone 60's, Jabra pulses (to track my heart rate)
Headphone Amp Inventory
Bakoon HPA-21, Simaudio Moon Neo 430 HA, PS Audio BHK Signature PRE, Chord Hugo TT, Chord Hugo, Chord Mojo, ALO Conrinental Dual Mono, Bakoon HPA-01M
Source Inventory
PS Audio Directstream with Network Bridge 2, Onkyo DP-X1, iMac with Audience USB cables and Auidoquest Diamond Ethernet Cables
Cable Inventory
Whiplash 8 conductor TWag 3 for all IEMS and CANS, Whiplash 8 conductor TWau 3 for HE1000's and LCD 4's,, Whiplash 8 Conductor TWag 3 interconnects/ USB to micro USB's / and Lightning to micro USB's, Silver Dragon interconnects, Nordost Hemdale RCA's, Nordost Hemdale XLRs, Nordost Blue Heavan RCAs, Nordost Blue Heaven USB's, Audience Chryod USB A-B, Audioquest Diamond Ethernet cables on all source pc's, Forza USB-micro USB's, a bunch of others that I can't think of off hand.
Power-Related Components
PS Audio DTECT, PS Audio AC3, PS Audio Power Plant 3, Core Power Solutions Equi-Core 300, Core-Power Solutions Equi-Core 1200
Other Audio Equipment
IEM Dehumidifiers, IEM Vacuums, 2.5 TRS balance to about every other imaginable termination converter possible 3.5, 6.3, XLR, etc.
Audio-Related Tweaks
Not much of a tweaker other than mixing and matching cables and sources or amps
Music Preferences
Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz, R&B, Soul, Pop, Pretty much everything goes
I'm a gadget freak! Anything that's a gadget I need to buy!
I own a telecommunications company, a telemedicine start-up, and am an angel investor.