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    Head-Direct / HIFIMAN Customer Service TEAM

    I am really starting to wonder if I got scammed or something. It has already been SIX days since I made that order. I don't know about you but how hard can it be to ship my order? and I have no idea why the total weight keeps changing to a value between 250g to 5490g (WTH?) My order number is...
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    iPhone 5C and 5S: audio output

    Thank you for your quick reply. Being the noob I am... Ideally, what am I supposed to do? Use the whiplash cable?
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    iPhone 5C and 5S: audio output

    I am currently running an iPhone 5S as my primary source and seriously considering buying a pico slim. Thing is... How do you pair the two of them together? Do I connect the 5S headphone output to the pico's input and then my iem to the pico's output? Or do I have to buy a lightning to 30pin...
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